Monday, September 29, 2008

Less than a Year

My Kel Kel (or as some refer to her as: partner, lover, girlfriend, best friend, other half or neighbor) and Robby are getting married in less than a year (9/26/2009)...exactly 3 months before my birthday in case you were wondering! They decided to do it as a pre-celebration to my 28th birthday...hahaha!

Kel would not let me in her house for a few days b/c she was working on a "project." The project ended up being some bridesmaid gifts. The day I flew to Arizona and was feeling TERRIBLE, she came over and game me the gift. It was wrapped up much prettier but I took it apart.
I was SOOO excited to get these goodies. She knows my weakness for sweets...thanks for helping me fit into that bridesmaid dress. Besides the cute card/poem she created, my favorite part about the gift was the free NETFLIX subscription!!
I was pumped and already ordered my first movie. They even have all season of The Hills on Netflix :)
It is going to be a year filled with lots of wedding stuff and I'm very excited about it.

*I do have to note that I think there is a conspiracy against pink starbursts. They are my absolute FAVORITE and there were only 3 in my box. :(


(Emily Givens) said...

netflix is awesome! what a great gift basket!!!

Lora said...

Kelly is so creative! I love pink AND red starburst, leave out the orange :) Oh and the tropical ones are good, as long as there is no banana flavor!