Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take your pick

The past few weeks I have been traveling a lot for work. There are lots of reasons I love to travel for work (free hotel points, airline miles, gets me out of the office, talk to college students, corporate card, etc). But the truth be told, I love getting off the airplane and seeing what rental car I have been blessed with :)

Seriously, who enjoys that?!?!

I don't usually do well with surprises, but I do love the surprise of different rental cars. Everyone can laugh, but secretly you wish you could try different cars to!
I have gotten a different car each week, and I wanted to share them with you...
1. Dookie brown Grand Caravan
2. silver Chrysler 300
3. BRIGHT blue Hyundai Accent
4. tan Suburban
By far, the Suburban was the most fun to drive! I can totally be a soccer mom one day in that thing.

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