Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend showing Kel & Robby around our new city. As usual, Kel & I annoyed Mike & Robby, ate/drank our way through the weekend, enjoyed the UT vs. Bama tailgate experience and laughed until it hurt. I was sad when the weekend was over because we had so much fun! But its okay b/c I'm off to the Hotel St. Louis as I work in Charlotte this week...YAY!!! Happy Monday :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good while it lasted

We have almost been married for 8 weeks and there's already been a tragedy.
I woke up Monday morning to find Mike throwing things out of his gym bag. I asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn't find his wedding ring. Yep, almost 8 weeks into our marriage and the ring is already gone.
He was SO upset and I was taking it surprisingly well. He went back to the gym to look for it but no luck. After he left for work, I got excited about looking on craigslist for a new ring. I search and search but couldn't find anything good. I decided I was going to go to Walmart and buy a 25 cent ring out of the machine. Well apparently they don't have those anymore. I ventured inside to see if Walmart had a jewelry department. I was in luck, they had a jewelry counter and a sweet Walmart associate ready to help. She tried to get me to buy the biggest gold ring covered in diamonds but I told her that wasn't his taste. Her second choice was a silver ring with "T" of diamonds. Wasn't really sold on that one either. Finally, I spotted the only "normal" (in my opinion) ring. It was actually the cheapest ring and they claim its titanium but I'm not convinced. Later that evening, I surprised Mike with the ring and he LOVED IT. When I say loved it, I really mean that. He likes it better than his original and would be okay keeping it for good. What a nut! If I would have know that, we could have saved a lot of money at Diamond Direct. Since we aren't sure when his finger will actually turn green, we will be buying him a new ring when we're back in Charlotte in a few weeks.
Tennessee might just be changing me after all :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Celebration Norman Style

We are headed to Charleston for a LONG weekend of celebrations and I cannot wait!!! My "little sis", Linds tied the knot with her high school sweetheart the weekend after our wedding. They decided to get married on the coast of Italy at the Cinque Terre...AMAZING!!! We all tried to convince Mike to honeymoon in Manarola so we could celebrate with all the Norman's...but he didn't go for that plan.
From all the stories I have heard and pictures I have seen, their wedding was absolutely beautiful and full of love. Lindsay and Jordan are having their big reception in Charleston this weekend so we are heading to the coast...YAY!!! Kelly's birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Pooks) so we are going to celebrate that as well. I have been told to put my big girl pants on because its going to be a long and fun weekend.
We rented a condo on King Street so I have no doubt it is going to be a blast.
Thanks for letting me borrow your amazing picture!
Congrats Lindsay & Jordan!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Aunt BeBe

As mentioned in my previous post, we got to spend the weekend with Nate. He turned 3 in August and I can say that this is my favorite age...thus far. He is such a big boy, says hilarious things and asks a million "why" questions. Seriously, I probably got asked 300+ "why" questions within 24 hours.

We filled the weekend with his favorite foods (trying to fatten him up), the pumpkin patch, apple picking, several playgrounds and lots of snuggle time.
I guess when you are 3 years old, you don't have a filter so everything comes out. I respect that about Nate and was ready for anything and everything he said.

Here are just a few of the funnies...
1) Aunt BeBe, where are all your toys? Me: we don't have toys because we don't have kids, Nate: thats not good
2) While we are driving in the car, Mike changed the radio station and Nate says: No Uncle Mike, that was the baby down down song and I like it.
Yes, Nate likes hip hop music
3) As we are snuggling in our bed Sunday morning... Nate: Aunt Bebe, my stomach just growled. Could you go make breakfast and I'll eat it here. Me: You want me to bring you breakfast in bed? Nate: yes, that would be nice
4) Nate trying to reach the toilet paper while sitting on the pot but his arms were too short...Nate: I can't reach the toilet paper. We need to tell Uncle Mike to fix this.

We were so thankful we got some one on one time with Nate. He really is such a fun and sweet kiddo!!! Abby has a lot to live up to :)
As usual, I took too many pictures (206 to be exact) here are just a few!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One year already

Last year at this time, I had NO idea I was about to be engaged. I was actually too busy being annoyed because we were running late for Oktoberfest and the "plan" was getting messed up. Mike did a great job surprising me with such a sweet proposal. What a great year it has been! We were showered with so much love throughout our engagement, and we enjoyed every second of our wedding weekend. I am so thankful that Mike picked me to be his wife!

We are already ready for our next Europe trip in 2011!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cute much?!

Seriously, I am in love with this little guy!!!
More to come on the great weekend...and the hilarious things a 3 year old says.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Proof

We have our 1st house guest this weekend and he is only 3 years old! Nate is coming to stay with us for the weekend and we are beyond excited.

Of course, I have the whole weekend planned...we'll see if any of those plans stick. We have lots of activity options depending on what Nate wants to do. We have charged our cameras, bought his favorite foods, toys and a few surprises in case he has a meltdown. As long as we have oreos in the house, we should be all set.
The weather looks perfect so we should have a fantastic weekend!