Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Is the long weekend really over?!  I had such a fun weekend with my husband and hanging out with our friends.  Mike and I worked a little on Friday but spent most of the day hanging out around the house.  Friday night, Mike planned a dinner and movie date night for us.  We headed to dinner downtown and then to a movie.  It was Mike's turn to pick the movie and I found myself with a ticket to "Men in Black 3".  Mike really enjoyed the movie and I'll keep my opinions to myself.

Saturday we worked out, ran errands then spent the rest of the night at home.  Mike had to start the long "smoking" process around dinner time so we spent a lazy evening at home.   We were having a cookout on Sunday and Mike really wanted to make BBQ and chicken.  He was like a little kid in a candy store as he was prepping the pork and chickens.  He got the smokers ready around 7pm and cooked the meat for the next 24 hours.  He slept downstairs on Saturday night so he could tend to the smokers every 2 hours.  

Sunday was "get ready for the cook out" day!  Mike continued to smoke the meat while I went to the grocery store, got the appetizers ready, made a few batches of homemade ice cream and made sure the house was semi-presentable.

Our friends came over on Sunday night and it was SUCH A FUN NIGHT!!  It was the first time we officially entertained at our house and we really enjoyed it.  Everyone brought a delicious side to share and the smoked BBQ and chicken turned out great.  I tried to take pictures as we were getting ready but then forgot to bring out the camera the rest of the evening.  Lucky for me, Erica is really good at taking pictures and managed to snap a few good ones of the group!

Does this not gross you out? But it made my husband so happy!
That's a good looking bunch of friends!

Monday was a VERY lazy day for us.  We worked out, went to the pool and then spent the rest of the day and night on the couch.  I could not have asked for a better weekend.  
Hopefully this weekend was the start of a great summer with sunshine, friends, cookouts and maybe a little baby!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We have 7 weeks to go (maybe a few days less if I'm lucky).
I have a lot of travel planned the next 3-4 weeks, so let's hope he stays put during those trips!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yard Crasher Fail

Sometimes my husband reminds me so much of my dad. Many might think that's weird, but it really makes me happy. Like my dad, Mike LOVES yard work. More power to him because I always hated helping dad with yard work. If I never have to rake or pick up sticks again, I will be happy.
When we moved into our house, you could tell it was professionally landscaped but not maintained. There were weeds and ivy in more places than we preferred. Mike decided to tackle one project at a time until the yard was to his approval.

Last weekend, Mike attacked the yard...and apparently the yard won. Sunday evening, I noticed a little "rash" on his arm. Well it ended up being poison ivy and spread down his arms, stomach and legs. He went to the doctor last week and finally got some steroid pills and a stronger cream. Poor guy!

Needless to say, he will not be "weeding" ever again. He is currently collecting quotes from a few landscapers and our yard should be lookin good in a few weeks.

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Mike and I were in desperate need of a vacation and decided to skip town for a few days.  We didn't do any research on the location (besides the hotel) and had no real plans.  This is unusual for me since I like to have everything planned...and then some back up plans.  Our only real agenda items were layout, walk on the beach, golf, spa and SLEEP!

As soon as Thursday morning rolled around, we were ready to turn off our blackberries and hit the road.  We got to Savannah, drove around for a little bit and then checked into our hotel.  The sweet hotel staff upgraded us to an amazing 3 room suite on the river- it was gorgeous.  I told Mike we should call some friends to join us because I didn't want to waste all the space.  That idea was quickly shot down.  We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the pool and enjoying the sunshine.  

 The hotel is directly across the river from downtown Savannah.  They have a cute little ferry that takes you back and forth every 10 minutes which was really convenient.  We got ready for dinner and hoped on the ferry.  Again, we didn't have a "plan" as to where we were going for dinner- NOT like me at all!  We walked all around downtown for a while looking at menus and just enjoying not having a set agenda.  The only negative for me...seeing everyone walk around with open containers.  You can walk around the whole city with any type of drink and I was so jealous of all the delicious drinks.

We finally settled on a great restaurant with a perfect table on their patio.  HIGHLY recommend Belford's for anyone going to Savannah soon.
Friday we headed to Tybee Island for a morning walk on the beach.  We took our time, talked and strolled the beach for almost 2 hours-glorious!
The rest of the day was spent laying out by the pool and doing nothing.  We headed to dinner that evening but it was just okay...nothing I would highly recommend.
 Saturday morning we woke up, worked out and headed our separate ways.  Mike had a morning tee time at the resort golf course and I made my way to the resort spa.  After my treatments were over, I considered going back in for a few more...I did not want to leave!  I headed back out to the pool and spent the afternoon laying out and reading.
Saturday night was my favorite dinner night.  Mike made us a reservation at Vic's on the River and it was delicious.  I wanted to put my face in my shrimp and grits but decided that wouldn't be appropriate.
We had a great rest of the evening just walking around the city and then hanging out by the river.

When Sunday rolled around, I was in a state of depression.  I wanted to stay on vacation and not return to the rat race.  But alas, we got in the car and headed back home.  We had such a great time, we decided to try and squeeze in another quick vacation before Anderson arrives.  We'll see when we can work that out.  Regardless, we are so thankful for some quality time together because we know like will change dramatically in less than 9 weeks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best Friends

The last few months have been so exciting in terms of new babies and new pregnancies for some of my closest friends.  

In February, Meg had sweet little Gus...

 At the end of March, Whitney had Austin
I cannot wait to meet that handsome little boy the next time I'm in Charlotte.

Then Ellen told us she was pregnant with baby #2.  She found out yesterday's a BOY!!!  Baby Boy Bruce is due 3 months after Anderson!

And to round out the current news, TARA IS HAVING A BABY!!!  Baby Tuttle is due in November and I am SO SO excited for Tara and Nathan.    I have a feeling it's a girl, but will have to wait another month to find out.

It makes me so happy to know Anderson will have instant friends...whether they like it or not.  Each of these woman have meant to much to me through the years, and it warms my heart to know we will raise children together.  Now I'm just waiting for a few others to tell me they are pregnant and my heart will be overflowing...I know it's coming very soon :)

Praise the Lord for sweet little babies!

Monday, May 14, 2012


I forgot to post pictures of our busy little boy!  We had another ultrasound a few weeks ago and got to see some 3D images of Anderson.  We were blessed with a 45 minute session of just watching the little guy move around.  As to be expected, he wasn't really cooperating and wouldn't stop moving around or putting his feet and hands in front of his face.  I didn't realize babies were so flexible in the womb.  His feet were constantly touching his weird to see!

The technician was very patient and got a lot of great pictures for us.  He still has a long way to development, but it was so cool to see some of his sweet features.  It's hard to believe this little boy will only be baking for another 9 weeks.  As excited as I am to meet him, we are TOTALLY not ready.  I was pulling for a delivery at 39 weeks, but might be changing my mind.  Work is madness right now and I have a lot to finish before he arrives...not to mention his nursery hasn't even been started! BUT, I might change my mind when it's 100+ degrees outside and I'm waddling around.

Anderson, feel free to bake until July 16th...but please don't be too late because that would make momma go crazy!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrating the bambino

Last weekend, Mike and I had the best shower/party to celebrate our little bambino!  Kelly, Ellen, Em and Lora threw us a couples shower on Cinco de Mayo.  My sweet sis, Em, flew all the way from AL to be there for the shower.  It was great to have some sister time with both my older sisters.  I mean really, what could be more perfect?!?  The baby was a great excuse to eat Mexican food from our favorite restaurant and hang out with some of our best friends.  The hostesses did such a great job with every detail and our friends drove from near and far to celebrate. 
As usual, I took a ton of pictures because I was so excited to see everyone.  Here are just a few of my favorite ones...

 My wonderful hostesses

 Awkward family photo
 Love the app family

 The Margarita Man made a 2nd appearance
 Mel Mel came to celebrate too!
 Bones has no clue what to do, me feeling large and in charge and Em is SO excited! ha
In true Kyle fashion, Anderson now has a Bone Thugs onesie- love it!
Anderson is very excited about baby Bruce...he promises to be a great best friend!

I cannot put into words how much the shower meant to us.  Our friends were so generous and really spoiled Anderson.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the hostesses for an amazing shower.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Should I be Embarrassed?

Yesterday, I heard a knock on the door and saw the UPS truck.  I knew there was an amazon box waiting on my doorstep and quickly went out to grab it.  I opened the box and there she was...Fifty Shades of Grey.
EVERYONE has been talking about this book for a while but I wasn't sure I wanted to read it.  To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to order it because I heard it was very sexual.  All my "best friends" on the Today Show have read them and cannot stop talking about them.  Then my sis told me that her book club was reading it and I should check it out.  I guess if your older sister approves, then it's okay...don't you love how I can justify anything!

I am excited to get started but have a feeling I'm going to blush my way through the book.  Mike and I are taking a little vacation next week, so I wanted to make sure I had a good "beach book"...does that qualify?  I will have this book in one hand and a "parenting/baby book" in the other hand.  Such is life!