Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet the Parents

The day finally came when Mike was forced to "meet the parents." Okay, forced isn't the right word b/c he went willingly and was a great sport. I wanted my parents to meet Mike before they went to Nashville to babysit Nate. We decided to meet at Red Rocks in Birkdale Village for dinner on Monday night. We had a great dinner and Mike left in one piece. Mom and Dad didn't drill him too much. Mom and dad gave him the thumbs up and said he passed the test! They even loved his seersucker pants :)
I wasn't really worried except for the fact that I had no clue what kind of stories Mike might hear. baby steps on the evil Becky stories...

The only people left for him to meet are Em, Greg and Nate. Not too worried about Em and Nate, but Greg...that could be very interesting! Mike and I might need a few shots before Greg begins the "question session". Sorry Mike!
This is Greg trying to give the "mean face"...he is not scary I promise

New Arrival

The SILVER BULLET has arrived...

I finally found a bike and purchased it this weekend. I spent forever at the bike shop talking to the sales guy and told him everything I don't want in a bike. In the end, my bike has everything I said I didn't want. But that's okay, because I love it!

I tried to talk him into putting the "beach cruiser" seat on my bike but it was a no-go. He told me to suck it up and buy padded shorts instead.

The bike will be stored inside my house and I have the lock ready to go if needed.
The best news is...It came assembled so Mike didn't have to put it together!
Here is the new beauty...

Family Beach

So I haven't written about the rest of our beach trip...

We had a great time together and I was the paparazzi as usual. Everyday we played with Nate, laid on the beach, ate, drank, laughed and made lots of memories. You really can't beat that!

Saturday night we got to go to Erin's bach party which was so fun! Erin and Molly were there and they are basically sisters to us. It was so fun to laugh about old times and talk about what's going on in our lives.
That basically sums up the few days I hung out at the beach.

Here are a few pictures...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 1-Family Time

I left early Friday morning and headed to the beach house. When I arrived, I put on my suit, checked my email (imagine that), grabbed a beer and headed to the beach.

I laid out and played in the ocean by myself...yes I'm a loser but enjoyed every second of it!

When I got back from the beach, the rest of my family arrived. I cannot believe how much Nate has grown in a month! He is crawling all over the place and he has 4 new teeth.

While Em and Greg unpacked, Bones and I played with Nate. He is obsessed with cell phones, so I brought him my old one. He was fascinated with the cell phone and Lora's beer can (yes we started drinking early).

After dinner, Nana and pops took Nate for a walk so the kids could hang out. Em, Lora, Greg and I got several beers and headed out on the front porch. Greg got on the swing with me and began to "question" me about Mike. Em and Lora sat on the rockers and chimed in when Greg let them. Typical night at the beach house...front porch, beers and laughing about nothing!

It was a great start to our beach trip!

My Pooks

Thursday night Kel and I got to have a girls night which we haven't done in a while! We left work early and headed to Birkdale Village. We intended to go to one store but ended up going to about a dozen. We had a great time buying clothes and catching up on life!

We decided to stop at the mall on the way home and get a few more things. When we were leaving, we saw a crazy man in the trees with binoculars. We called the police and told them to look for the man in the trees. Kelly said we needed to call the police and save all the little children! That was our good deed for the year.

Our final stop was 131 Main to pick up our WEDGE SALADS for dinner!!!!
Yes, we have a slight obsession with wedge salads. We enjoyed a glass of wine and our salads.
I love hanging out with my pooks!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lovin the Lake

This was another lake weekend...
Lora made the trek from Raleigh to Charlotte to spend the weekend at the lake with us.
We spent most of the day in the pool because it was SOOO HOT! We had a fun day filled with food, drinks, friends, sun and the amazing pool!

Mike and Robby spent the evening grilling our dinner. I think it took them 12 hours just to cook 2 chickens (stuffed with beer cans) and a ton of ribs...or maybe it just seemed to take that long. I wish I had taken a picture of those two prepping and grilling the meat.
Dinner was awesome and we all stuffed our faces.

Dinner highlights-
Jaden said no-no to my bean salad and made the funniest face
Robby laying on the couch eating his food with his eyes closed
Clark was drunk
It got so quiet you could hear a pin drop
Kelly almost chucking jello and rib bones at me
the word BM said all throughout dinner
Robby cutting the biggest piece of cake ever and eating every bite of it
Kelly saving food on her shirt to munch on later

Despite all that...we had a great time as always!

You're my boy blue...

I took a little unintentional break from blogging so I need to play catch up now. Last weekend, I got to meet up with my West Girls for dinner. Meg, Tara, Nathan, Melissa and Matt met Mike and I for dinner at Birkdale Village. This was a chance to celebrate Tara's birthday a little early, catch up on life and for them to meet Mike (aka size him up)!
Unfortunately, Abs was out of town and had to miss're my boy blue!!!!

We met at Brixx and had a great time. It's hard to be
lieve that I have been best friends with these girls for so many years. The five of us have been best friends for about 11 years. Some of my favorite memories are shared with these girls. It has been really exciting to see the different paths the Lord has led each of us on. Regardless of our path, we remain faithful friends and sisters.
I could not imagine my life without these girls. Its about time to get out the "five year plan" isn't it?!?! :)
More memories to come...
Here are a few pictures of us and my sad attempt to make Tara her favorite cake!

PS- they liked Mike :)

It's back

June 19th will be the one year anniversary of moving into my Townhouse. Yes, I have almost survived a year living in the hood. I really do love this area and "most" of my neighbors. A few weekends after I moved in last year, my parents and I took a field trip to good ol' Lowes! My mom has a pretty good green thumb and wanted to help plant some flowers. I have to say that I do not share her green thumb abilities. Mine is more of a brown color...when I look at the plants, they begin to die. But I was determined to add a little life to my back patio. My mom bought and planted a lily that day. I continued to water it after it bloomed in hopes it would come back a year later.

I am happy to report that the lily survived a whole year!!! It is gorgeous if I do say so myself. I might just have a green thumb after all...