Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so fun

Saturday was bridesmaid day!!! A few of my sweet bridesmaids came into town to pick out their dresses and help me shop for mine. They picked a great line called simple silhouette and each one selected their own style dress! All the dresses are so cute and they are going to look fantastic on each bridesmaid.
After lunch, we headed to a bridal store in Charlotte and searched for the perfect dress for ME! After many dresses, lots of laughs and a few tears...I have it narrowed down to 3 potentials! Kel & Lora were a huge help getting me in and out of all the dresses! My mom is coming into town on Saturday and we are going to buy one of them! I'm so excited that I almost have my wedding dress!!!!!!

Saturday night we hung out with the St. Louis's and Flemings for a little wine & cheese. They were going to dinner together and Mike & I decided to do dinner alone. Yeah- we are lame :) But I have to say, the wine & cheese were SO GOOD and Robby was so cute preparing it all. After dinner, I tried to stay awake to play when they came home but it didn't work out...my eyelids won!

Sunday we headed to a huge Bridal Show with our friends Jay & Erin. It was a bit overwhelming but we got to taste lots of cake and meet so many potential vendors.
Oh how I love the weekends...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defending Myself

So I just got called out in Ellen's blog b/c I have been known to shop at Home Depot instead of Lowes. It was actually a dirty secret I was hoping to keep tucked under the rug.
I need to set the record straight so I don't lose any friends :)

I love Lowes, really I do. I even did my final senior college project in my strategic business class on Home Depot & Lowes. (Lowes came out on top AND I got an "A" on the project).
But, Lowes decided to build their new store further from my house than HD. If I need something quick, it only takes me 4 minutes to go to HD.
As you can see, I am trying to be more conscious of the environment and don't want to waste that much gas driving to Lowes. (Mike calls this lazy)

I am sorry Lowes, I have cheated on you for the past few years. But I am back as a loyal customer thanks to my future husband. He refuses to shop at HD!

Don't judge me...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Camera

I had a great weekend, but don't have any pictures to prove it! Not sure why I didn't take any pictures...actually I'm a little upset about it.

Friday night we headed to the Fleming's house for a Build Your Own Taco Night and Raise money for Haiti! The food was so good and we had so much fun hanging out with friends. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time, and I got some lessons for our resident attorneys (David & Will). Don't mess with me...I know some old school laws that will get you! Kat made really cute tags and tied them around jars where we could put our money. (yes, she is so creative and doesn't even try) Everyone was so generous and we raised $500 for the Haiti relief effort. The Flemings are always great hosts and it was such a nice idea to help raise money for Haiti.

Saturday was our first official dress shopping day! You can refer to Lora's blog for the hilarious stories. (sorry only my sisters are allowed to see the pictures) "The one" was not found on Saturday, but I did get a lot of ideas of what I want in a dress and don't want. This Saturday will hopefully be a bit more successful in Charlotte! Hopefully we will knock out the bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses...keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday we enjoyed dinner with the Bruce's and Morrow's! Oliver is almost 1 years old and is so stinkin cute! He was crawling everywhere in the house and wanted to be loved by each of us. I got some good quality time with Mel & Ellen which was a treat.

Thankfully, Monday was a bank holiday and you know how much I love those!!! The weather was gorgeous so I got to play outside a lot. Some of us went for a walk and got to hear all about Whit & Andy honeymoon!!! It was even nice enough to grill out on Monday night. I felt like spring was on its way...what a tease!

I have to say it was a fantastic 3 day weekend even though I have no pictures to prove it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Southern Proper

This weekend we attended one of the most beautiful southern weddings I have ever seen. Whitney & Andy planned an amazing wedding full of style, southern traditions, personal touches and one rockin band!!! Whitney and Andy looked amazing and had smiles on their faces the entire evening.
I must have been enjoying the wine too much b/c I didn't take very many pictures. (or maybe I was really excited about all the different food stations!)
Needless to say, it was a fantastic wedding and pictures don't do it enough justice.

But please look at Adele and Kat's blog to see more pictures of this AMAZING wedding!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Friday, January 8, 2010


It was very exciting to check the "Save the Dates" off the to-do list. We were so blessed during this process and I cannot thank our friends enough! 1) Our talented friend, Amy, took our save the date photo and the ones on our wedding website 2) Our friend Renee, designed our monogram for the save the dates and 3) Our friend Laurel listened to our ideas and ran with it. She designed, printed and assembled all of our save the dates!!!! (yes, I'm serious)

Now its time to move to the next item on the list...wedding dress shopping! I have no doubt there will be pictures and LAUGHS next weekend.

finished product
After you take the magnet off
back of card
at the post office stamping and mailing

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Mike & I met some of our friends at StrikeCity for some bowling, beer and fellowship on Saturday night. StrikeCity is a new bowling alley/bar/restaurant (and anything else you can think of) in uptown. We had a great turnout and had fun hanging out before heading back to the "real world" on Monday. It was even better not smelling like smoke when the night was over! Apparently Wii bowling paid off for Mike but not me...they probably should have pulled out the bumper lanes. Our team had a great time cheering and laughing at each other.

Oh a side note, this was our last time hanging out with Whitney & Andy before they get MARRIED!! We are starting off the 2010 wedding season with the Smith/Sturge wedding this weekend. I have no doubt it will be a spectacular wedding and I know Whit will look stunning!

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Sturge

Please notice Terry's scary gang signs!
Trying to have proper form like Tom
Who doesn't love a Chidester?!?!
Sincity wants to move back to Charlotte I heard...
Kat's mouth was closed in every pictures I took. What is going on?!?!

Mother Earth

I will start out by admitting that I'm a lazy recycler (just pretend that is a word). I recycle when I'm at my parents home or if I see a trash can I can throw my plastic bottle in. Otherwise, everything goes into the trash. The city of Charlotte refuses to give our townhouses recycling bins for person use and will only fork over 3 small trashcans for recycling. You would think the 3 trashcans were generous, but not really when they have to service 180 townhouses. All these excuses equal why I haven't been nicknamed "mother earth".

Well over the past few years, I have gotten a LOT of crap from Kelly & Lora. They are both avid recyclers and are very conscious about what they are doing to the earth.

I decided 2010 was a good year for me to become a better steward of the earth.
As of yesterday, I joined the recycling club!! I
bought a few bins and have begun collecting items I can recycle. baby steps folks...