Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy 9 Months!!

It has taken me 9 months, but I am actually ON TIME with your monthly post!  That basically means, it has taken me 9 months to get somewhat organized...pathetic.

Your 9 month check up is on Monday, so I will have to remember and update all your stats. I can't wait to see your measurements.  You've gotten heavier but I'm not if you have gotten taller.  We will see!

You are a very busy boy...not sure if it's "early onset" ADD, but we hope not.  You have become a speed crawler this past month.  If I blink, you are already in a different room.  TROUBLE!  Your favorite places to crawl are either to the staircases or bathrooms.  You learned to crawl up the stairs all by yourself (thanks to Miss Beth).  The front stairs are all hardwoods and you tend to slip a lot on those and it makes mommy a nervous wreck.  The back staircase has carpet and those are your favorite.  You will crawl about half way up, and turn around to make sure you have an audience.  
You LOVE being in the bathroom.  You like to stand up at the bathtub in the master bath and play with the faucetsThe master tub is a great baby playpen.  I can throw a few toys in the tub and take a nice long shower.  Don't worry, there's no water in your tub. 

You love your playroomYou spend hours up there...crawling all around, playing with toys, pulling up on everything and rolling around giggling.   You now do the downward dog a lot and I think you are trying to stand up on your own.  Or will get on your knees and act like you might stand.  Just today, you decided you wanted to walk around the playroom with your push walker.  You have really only taken about 6 steps with push walker, but today you basically ran.  You circled the room so many times and were so proud of yourself.  Your dad and I could not believe our eyes!

You now have 6 teeth and a 7th that was just spotted this morning.  There are 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top.  Having your front teeth makes you look like a toddler and that's not okay with me.  Your new little chompers have started biting me (hopefully not on purpose) and it hurts.

You learned a new word this month...NO!  Yep little buddy, you now understand what that word means.  If we are up in the playroom, you will race to the top of the stairs and we will quickly say no.  You immediately stop, sit and stare at us.  It looks like you are processing whether you will obey or not.  Once in a while, you will begin to sob like we just beat you.  I'll give you a second, then ask if you are over it.  You stop crying and look at me...then start to smile and crawl somewhere else.  You are a drama king and it's hysterical (sometimes).   

We got to celebrate our first Easter with you.  You "loved" your Easter basket...or anything in it that you could immediately put in your mouth.  You attended your first friend birthday party.  Your buddy, Austin, turned 1 and had a fantastic party.  It was fun to see you play with other kids and you did a great job at the party.  JD introduced you to bubbles for the first time and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seenYour dad and I could not stop laughing as you tried to figure out the bubble machine.  You kept crawling closer and closer while more and more bubbles hit you in the face.  We will need to invest in that amazing $10 bubble machine!

You got to hang out a lot with your buddies, Emerson and Mac this month.  I think you and Mac are really starting to like each other.  You both giggle together, you like to rub his head at Miss Beth's house and sometimes try to hold his hand.  It's fun to catch you staring at Emerson while she plays...I just wonder what you are thinking!

You continue to LOVE food and get excited at every meal.  You have slowly started picking up food but would prefer us to feed you with a spoon.  Hopefully you will enjoy finger foods more this month.  This morning you did great picking up a few pieces of dried fruit and yogurt bites.  You have no problem eating crackers or teething biscuits but we need to work on moving to finger foods. 

You learned to stand in your crib this past month.  You stand up every time we put you in...and then proceed to "eat" the crib.  Why did we not buy a metal one?  Love looking at all the teeth marks on your beautiful crib.  I see a lot of sanding and refinishing in your daddy's future.

O'Malley stayed with us for a week and you adore him.  He is so patient with you and for that, I am very thankful.  You poke, pull and try to crawl on him and he hasn't snapped at you yet.  You woke up this morning and immediately looked for O'Malley while you were eating.  Too bad he is back at nanny and poppy's house :(.

You began "talking" a lot more this past month.  You still say dada ALL.DAY.LONG!  But you are starting to say other's mostly just babbling.  You are saying things that sound (to us) like, "hi", "dog" and "all done".  Still no mama, let's hope that comes before he goes to college.

You continue to love balls, anything that lights up, your lovies, stroller rides around the neighborhood, swinging, bath time, riding in the shopping cart and your activity table.

9 Month Stats:
 Weight-will find out Monday
Length-will find out Monday
Clothes-9month and 12 month
Eating-4 bottles a day and 3 meals
Naps-napping twice a day (usually 1-2.5 hours each)
Night time-6:30pm-7:00am.  We are trying to push your bedtime to 7pm.  Some nights you are happy to stay up 30 extra minutes, other nights you are ready for bed!

Anderson, we love watching you learn and explore this crazy world.  You find complete joy in the smallest things and it is a great reminder for us.   We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents and can't wait to watch you grow up!  We pray daily that we're not screwing you up too much :)