Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ring

So, we had a discussion about the "infamous" ring while in Nashville. Mom has an opal ring that I have always loved...please notice it on my finger in the below pictures. Well since my family is morbid and always talk about death, we have already discussed items we want when my parents pass away. Well, the ring has been promised to me for a very long time (with good reason). When I was born, my dad gave the ring to my mom. I like to think it was given b/c he was so excited and proud of his last little girl. But I really think it was a bribe so my mom would not have anymore children OR a celebration of the "end".

Mom was trying to tell me that she decided to give the ring to Nate instead...that didn't go over so well!
I am putting it in writing now so there is no question about it....that ring belongs on my finger :)
Thanks mom, love you!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Boy

As I'm sitting here blogging, I hear Nate upstairs giggling with nana (mom) and realize its been a great day! Mom, Dad and I went in and got Nate up this morning and told him what a fun day was in store. I got to have some blankie cuddle time with Nate before the madness began. Em gave me a "come to Jesus" talk about my blankies and how they have lived a good life and its time to say goodbye. NOT GONNA let the world know!

After breakfast, we all went in separate directions getting things done before the party began. Dad and I were on team "cake and balloons" and did a great job might I add.
At noon, we were ready to go and everyone started arriving. We ate great food, drank, played with all the kids and loved on the birthday boy.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for...CAKE TIME! Nate had his own "The Big One" cake. After singing Happy Birthday and blowing out his candles, Nate put one finger in the cake. He did NOT like the cake at all. He tried a few more fingers and wiped his face. At this point, he did not like the feel of the cake or that it was all over his face. After a few minutes and a few more fingers, he really got into the cake. Em gave him a plastic fork and he loved eating the cake with the fork. Secretly, I wanted him to dive head first into the cake but that didn't happen.
It was so fun to watch him eat the cake and get it all over himself!
See all the fun pictures below....

Nate got lots of great birthday presents but the item he liked the most....his plastic solo cup! If only I would have known, I could have saved money and just bought a bag of cups. Maybe this is a precursor for his love of beer pong?!?!

I have had a great time seeing how much Nate has changed in just a few months. He babbles up a storm, is almost walking, has 6 new teeth, and still loves to giggle and smile all the time! I'm sure when I see him again in a few months, he will be walking and speaking several different languages :)

Happy 1st Birthday Nathan Eric Givens!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sister Theory

If one more person asks me if Em and Lora are my real sisters, I might have an attack. Apparently everyone thinks we were either adopted, the milkman intervened or we came from outer space/cabbage patch kid (that's what I was told as a child).
As far as I know, we have the same mom and dad...Bethann and Spike :)
I am 26 years old, so if there is something I should know then please speak up now!

I love my Bones and my country bumpkin...

"To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or a confident -- it is to have a soulmate for life." Victoria Secunda

The countdown begins

In about 24 hours, I get to see my little nugget NATE! This time tomorrow, I will be waiting to catch my flight!
I'm heading to Nashville to celebrate Nate's 1st Birthday. I'm SOOOO excited about watching Nate open presents, dig into his cake, and play with all his friends. More pictures and stories to come on Sunday. Until then, there's a little preview of the cute monster.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's the little things...

So I have slight obsessions with many of which is TCBY vanilla yogurt. We should all thank ASU for the TCBY that was across the street from my dorm. There are only a very limited amount of flavors I will get from TCBY but vanilla is my absolute FAVORITE!!!
We stopped at TCBY on the way home from the wedding and I loved every bite :)

Mike's obsession is not as fun as mine! All he has been talking about for the past few month's is a Slurpee. He finally got one at a gas station in VA and was one happy boy.
I tried it and it was just "okay"...I'll stick with my yummy TCBY.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding Weekend-part II

Saturday morning, the family went to breakfast together before Em and L had to meet the other bridesmaids. We had a good time together...making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Man, my family loves to plan :)

Mom and I drove Em and L to Erin's house where they met the other bridesmaids.
Mike and I spent the rest of the day walking around downtown Charlottesville with Greg and my parents. Charlottesville is so pretty and I loved all the shops and vendors.
We had a good lunch together (minus my pissy mood b/c of our AWFUL waitress) and then headed back to the hotel to get ready.

We met in the lobby and waited for the buses to arrive. After the short bus ride, we arrived at The Kings Family Vineyard. It was a GORGEOUS day and the perfect setting for their wedding!
Dan, Erin's brother, married Erin and Sameer and did such a great job. Of course, everyone in my family cried the entire way through the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we hung out under the tent and enjoyed some adult beverages, cheese (Erin's favorite) and introduced Mike to more people! Once the pictures were over, we headed inside to enjoy a delicious dinner, more adult beverages and lots of dancing! One of my favorite moments was when my sisters, mom and I were all dancing to the "Apple Bottome Jeans" song. It was classic :)
Another favorite moment- my sister, parents, Greg, Mike and I were all dancing together during a random Indian song.
All in all, we had a great time and I'm so glad I got to share the special day with Erin and Sameer.
Now those two love birds are off honeymooning in Iceland...yes, I know its completely random but I would expect nothing less :)

Here are a few pictures from the evening...
(yes, I know I wore the same dress from Becca's wedding...don't ask!)

Sweet Avery and Dan!

Moo and Scott (my new BFF)

Wedding Weekend-part I

This weekend marked the last wedding of the summer. My "sudo" sister, Erin, got married at Kings Family Vineyard in Charlottesville, VA. Mike and I left work early on Friday and made our way up to Virginia. We stopped in Lynchburg and I got to meet Mike's youngest brother, Nate for the first time. He already got points b/c he has a great name :) We hung out and then had dinner with Nate and his girlfriend, Stephanie. They were both really fun and I'm excited about hanging out with them again.

We finally made our way to Charlottesville and checked into our hotel. We stopped by to see my parents and then headed downtown to meet up with everyone. The Indian Ceremony and rehearsal dinner were held at an art gallery in downtown Charlottesville. Everyone headed to Zocola to continue celebrating the night. When we arrived, we were greeted by Lora and Em! Em and Greg got to meet Mike for the first time. I got to introduce Mike to so many great friends and I'm sure he doesn't remember a single name. Luckily, Mike was invited to join "the others." Apparently this club already has several members. You're only allowed to join if you are married to or dating someone that is from Clemmons. That way when we are talking about all our friends and memories from Clemmons, they won't feel left out!
I got to catch with the Valenti gang, the Ziers and lots of others from Clemmons. Erin looked gorgeous in her Indian wedding attire. I also found out that she is a faithful blog reader when she began quoting my blog word for word (thanks Er...this is dedicated to you).

After a few drinks, it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep. Ted called a taxi for Em, Greg, Mike and I. The highlight of the night came when the WAHOOPTIE rolled up!

"Professor's Gone Wild" began in the backseat as Greg started to hang out the sunroof.
It was the best taxi experience I have ever had!


It's a known fact that I have a huge sweet tooth. I would pass up just about anything for something sweet. For Mike and Renee's birthday, I was in charge of the dessert. There is this place in Charlotte that has really good cupcakes...Polka Dot Bake Shop

They have a ton of different flavors of cupcakes. My number one favorite so far has been the red velvet cupcake. If you need a dessert for a birthday, shower, or just an ordinary day then you should try this bakery.

Renee (birthday girl), Kel and Hannah

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's finally here...

So I have been waiting months and months for this day to come.
Saturday morning, I woke up (feeling quite good might I add) and went to Eddie's Place for breakfast. If you live and Charlotte and have not eaten at Eddie's Place then I'm gonna need you to try it asap.

After breakfast, we headed to Books a Million. I ran inside and gave them my "pre-purchased" coupon. After months of anticipation, BREAKING DAWN was finally in my hands!!
Yes, I am willing to admit that I'm a huge dork. I spent as much time this weekend reading but I'm only halfway through all 800 pages.
I will post my reviews once I am done.

*If you have never read the Twilight Series, I highly recommend them.