Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's all in the details

I think I have finally recovered from a fabulous weekend in Jekyll Island. Kelly & Robby have been planning their for a year and 4 months and all their hard work paid off. Kelly hired a wonderful wedding planner, Morgan Gallo, picked the perfect location and didn't forget a single detail.

Friday started with pedicures/manicures and then a very elegant bridal luncheon hosted by Kelly's aunts. After the luncheon, we headed to the Pavilion to help set up for the rehearsal dinner and Welcome Party. Kelly designed everything from the different center pieces, to the hanging lanterns, to the AWESOME welcome bags and even all the hanging pictures.
After the rehearsal and dinner, it was time to hang out with all the guests. It was just a warm up for Saturday night! Kelly and I got to see our college roomie, Holly, and were so excited! We had to wait to meet her precious 6 month old,Ruby Blair, the next night...but it was well worth it.

The Crane Cottage was the perfect setting for the wedding and reception. The icing on the cake was that the entire wedding party stayed at the Crane Cottage. Our rooms were beautiful and it was nice to head right up to our room after the reception. Kelly looks STUNNING in her dress and was the perfect dress for the outdoor wedding.
After sweating bullets, it was time to cool off and have some fun at the reception. There was not a dry eye in the room after the father/daughter dance. Mr. Norman sobbed the whole way through and everyone could tell how much he loves his Kel Kel.

The rest of the night was filled with yummy food, an open bar, TONS of dancing, many photo booth pictures and lots of fun with friends.

At the end of the night, everyone grabbed their sparklers and "hangover boxes" and headed outside to say goodbye to the newlyweds!
The "hangover boxes" were a stellar touch. They were filled with Gatorade,water, soda, Advil, candy, chips, eye mask, ear plugs and my favorite...a warm chickfila sandwich!!!!

The wedding was perfect and as Kelly says..."can we do it again next year?!?!?!"

The Crane Cottage

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OCD facts

In an effort to procrastinate a little longer, I thought I would share why I'm a weirdo (or maybe its OCD).

1. I have to make sure the volume on my car radio is on an even number
2. I use half a packet of equal and half a packet of sweet n low in my coffee...anymore and its ruined
3. I stop at the same gas stations on every trip. I know where all the cheap gas is in all the surrounding states
4. If I don't have my blankie wrapped around my head, I can't fall asleep
5. I always have to have napkins in the side door of my car
I learned this weekend that my obsession with plucking is actually called-Trichotillomania Disorder. awesome...glad there is a name for it

Okay I better stop there because I'm realizing that I am more crazy than I thought!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo Booth Fun

Last week was a busy but great week.
I was at Penn State recruiting all last week and flew home on Thursday night to head down to Kelly's wedding.
The wedding weekend was AMAZING...that's all I can really say about it.
I am still going through the 305 pictures Mike & I took this weekend. In the mean time, let me share with you one of my favorite parts of the reception...THE PHOTO BOOTH! (sorry for the pda)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends & Food Make Everything Better

It's true...App State lost on Saturday and it was a bummer. Apparently we are still trying to figure out a few things (ie: how to play defense), but I have confidence we will shape up. But its okay because we all had a great time.

Mike & I headed to Boone Friday afternoon and I took him to Howard's Knob when we arrived. Mel-Mel took me here the 1st week of my freshman year of college. It was so beautiful and I'm glad Mike got to finally see ALL of Boone.
After dinner at The Peddler, we headed to Linville Ridge where we were meeting up with our friends Jay & Erin. Erin babysat for a family that owns FOUR houses and this is just one of them. They let her use their houses whenever she wants!
I have never been in a nicer house in my life! One whole side of the house looked out to Grandfather mountain and you could even see the bridge. We had a fun night of playing cards and laughing.
Saturday morning we had a yummy breakfast at The Banner Elk Cafe then headed to Boone to start TAILGATING!!!!
We were greeted with Kat jumping with excitement and taking a million pictures. The day was filled with guessing Baby Bruce's name, playing cornhole, drinking, eating and just BEING in Boone! (side note- after 5 hours of guessing- I GOT IT RIGHT!!! I believe the name came to me in the 3rd quarter and boy was I excited. WAHOO!)

Yes, that is Chid and his lack of school spirit :)
After the disappointing game, we filled our bellies with Black Cat and felt much better about life!

Friends & Food really do make everything better :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

All Things YELLOW

I walked in the door last night from my tennis match and saw Mike cooking dinner and these were on the table...Double points for flowers & getting them in yellow! I think he was trying to get me pumped for the APP STATE game tomorrow.

These beauties are ironed and ready to be rocked tomorrow morning...
SOOOOOO ready to wear them into THE ROCK for our 1st home game of the season :)
We are heading to Boone this afternoon to enjoy some shopping, Howard's Knob, The Peddler & an amazing mountain house. Bring on the tailgate bright and early tomorrow morning.
Here's to a great weekend in Boone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are Family

Yes, we are...
Growing up our family would gather at my grandma's house every summer and winter. We didn't need to really plan a reunion because we always knew we would meet up in Traverse.
We had to close the "Traverse City" chapter after grandma passed away earlier this year. Because of this, the idea for a 1st ANNUAL Family Reunion was born.

After months of planning, many emails and phone calls it was time to head to Georgia for our family reunion. We rented 2 amazing houses on Lake Lanier over Labor Day weekend. Everyone survived the weekend and managed to have a great time. Mike got to meet almost all of the family and he is still dating I guess we aren't too crazy :)

The memories are plenty but these make me laugh the hardest...LOTS of stairs/hills, water trampoline, slide, card games, Dad's ever lovin' root beer floats, many diving/jumping contests, Nate & Lizzie's running laps, canoe rides, teaching the West Coasters about cornhole, sharks in the lake and dad smoking the car.

There's a rumor that our next one will be in the winter somewhere around Steamboat, CO!!!!! BRING IT ON!

Love you family...and all the 200+ pictures :)