Monday, June 29, 2009

Memories of Europe

Yes, I do have memories from our "backpacking" trip through Europe...even if it only lasted 8 days!!! Kelly and I would stop at random "crepe stands" when we were cold and get something to drink along with a HOT & DELICIOUS Crepe. They were usually filled with nutella and fruit...YUMMY!
Well God is Great and has sent us The Crepe Cellar near our house.
Caroline, roommate of the year, planned a dessert & drinks night in honor of Helen's birthday at this lovely place.
None of us had been to this new little restaurant yet, but we were all up for the adventure. After ordering several drinks and becoming best friends with the bartender, we finally got a table.
Soon after we were seated the "OMG" desserts began to arrive. Everyone was shoveling the goodness into their was so funny!!!
It is safe to say that we were pleased with the desserts:)
Hope you had a HAPPY "21st" BIRTHDAY Helen

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Busy

This was a busy weekend but I enjoyed every second of it. Thursday night little Linds came into town and we ran around town buying decorations, food and adult beverages for Kelly's wedding shower.
All day Friday, I was getting so excited about the shower.
Friday we got to spend the evening with the Russo's, Jay & Erin. We had a yummy dinner and I got in some good quality girl talk. It was way past my bedtime when I finally went to sleep...and a few hours later I was up again!
Mike and I headed out early Saturday morning to run lots of errands. I had a list of things to get before heading to the lake for the shower. We went to the Farmer's Market for veggies and tons of fresh flowers, Owen's (Mike's first trip there and he LOVED it), grocery, Edible Art, ABC store and we were finally done!

After loading up the bride-to-be, we headed to the lake for the wedding shower.
The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Kel Kel looked happy to be laying out with an adult beverage in hand and hanging out with all her favorite ladies. Little Linds did a great job planning the shower, and I know the rest of the showers and bach party will be just as much fun :)
Daddy Norman made Kelly a Little Debbie Wedding cake!
Kel Kel relaxing in the poolHannah and ReneeKelly & her "around the house" cakeLinds, Mama Norman & Kel Kelme and my pookieSunday morning I woke up early again and headed to Clemmons for Father's Day. Faith and my 3 cousins (Armando, Julian and Maria) were in town visiting my parents for the weekend. We had a great time playing at Tanglewood all day. They even convinced me to go off the diving board which I have not done in forever. I survived (minus losing my bottoms) but it was a lot of fun. After some fun in Clemmons, it was time to head back to Charlotte.

It was a FULL weekend but I loved every second of it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Annual Beach Craziness

I'm a little late blogging about our family beach trip but its been a little crazy since I returned. We had so much fun that I didn't want to come home. Mike did survive the family madness and even said he had a good time :)
Em wrote some fun memories from our trip so I won't duplicate.
Here are just a few pictures from our trip (6 pics out of the 280 pictures) hahaha!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Nate, please forgive me

This is just a sneak peak at the fun we had at the beach. Yes, Nate is dressed in a leotard and tutu. Sorry buddy, you were just took cute and I had to capture the moment for future use :)
Aunt BB loves you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There's so much I want to blog about right now...but I will start with some exciting news!


I was at the beach when Andy "took a knee" so I didn't get to celebrate with them until tonight. We had a mini celebration for Whit during bible study tonight.
I finally got to see the ring and it is GORGEOUS...seriously, breathtaking! Great job Andy...sorry we didn't have any faith in you :)
I tried to take a picture of the ROCKS but you will have to see them in person to get the full beauty.

Whitney is beaming and I love seeing her so happy! We're ready for January...