Monday, May 26, 2008

Who I Am

Last Saturday, the Gibbs women threw a bridal shower for Erin Valenti. Em and Nate flew in from Nashville (Nate's first flight) and we all met in Clemmons for the shower. I love spending time with my family. We are all completely different but so much a that possible?! As I drove home, I started to think about each of the Gibbs woman and how much influence they have had in my life.

Lora(bones) has always been a "mom" to us and continues to take care of us. She would do anything for us and not think twice about it. She has such a giving heart and is always up for an adventure. L does not have a selfish bone in her body. She continues to show me what it means to strive for excellence at home and work. I admire her for the person she is and what she continues to become.

Em (country bumpkin) has always been my sounding board and defender. During my "hard years" Em was there to help me survive and push me to be a better person. As she has gotten married and become a mom, she has blown me away. She is a combination of organized and laid back at the same time. She goes with the flow but manages to keep everything on a schedule. I admire her for being an amazing mom, wife, sister and friend.

The three of us are who we are because of our mom (and dad). We always pick on mom and make fun of her for getting married so young. But its pretty amazing that mom and dad have been married for so long and survived raising 3 women. Mom has loved each of us unconditionally everyday since we were born. It might have been harder with me, during the "hell years", but I love her more because of that. Mom always said she wanted to raise strong, respectable, kind, independent women. Not to toot our own horns, but I think she did a darn great job. The 3 of us have learned so much from our parents. They gave us more than they should, loved us more than we deserved and never thought twice.

Mom, Em and Lora are the 3 most important women in my life. I adore each of you more than you will ever know, and I am so thankful for your help in shaping the person that I am today.

I had such a great saturday with my family. Here are some fun shots of days..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I need to play catch up since I have been MIA for a while.
This post may surprise you since it has the word "spontaneous" as the title. I am usually spontaneous about twice a year...and most of the time, I prep myself for being spontaneous. But I decided to put my big girl pants on and go for it!
That is when the last minute road trip with Kel Kel was born! She needed to look at the Jekyll Island Resort before she signed the contract for her wedding. So we took off work and drove down to GA. The road trip started off like all the rest, us being ridiculous and me taking pictures. Then the quest for a chickfila began. Once I get an idea in my head of what I want, I don't like to change it. We drove for 2.5 hours trying to find an exit with a Chickfila. (please note- I had to pee this entire time and Kelly said we could only stop once. So the determination began. I wanted Chickfila that bad so I held it....determination I tell ya) I would have thought there was one between Columbia and Savannah...but NO! As we were driving, I got on the internet and tried to research the closest one. Finally, at exit 104 we found it!

The next morning, we met the event planner at the Jekyll Island Resort. The resort is amazing!! She took us on a tour of the Crane Cottage (not really a cottage with all 13 bedrooms, courtyard and huge garden). Kelly has decided to get married outside the Crane Cottage and have the reception in the courtyard and inside the cottage. September 2009, here we come!

Walking up to the Crane Cottage


Another view of the courtyard

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I finally decided to blog about Mother's Day weekend...

Friday- IronMan...great movie. I thought I was going to hate it but I actually really enjoyed it

Saturday- L and I suprised mom on Saturday morning. She just stood there with her mouth open and I needed to remind her to breath. We took her to Marys OfCourse for lunch (LOVE THAT PLACE), shopped a little bit and then headed to tranquility spa.
We each had an unbelievable massage and looked so relaxed when we walked out of the room.
I think a massage a month would be a great Christmas present...hint hint :)

After the spa, I headed back to Charlotte with Lora. On the ride back I talked to my dear Betsy and she told me she is PREGGERS!!!! How exciting?!?! She is due on November 21st and I can't wait to find out the sex.

We stopped at Lowes to get my new patio furniture and headed to my place to shower before dinner. Lora, Mike and I went to 131 Main for was so good!!!

I have an obsession with wedge salads and I heard from Kel Kel that they had an amazing one.
She was was unbelievable!

Doesn't it look delicious?!?!

After dinner, we all played cornhole and drank some adult beverages. I would go into more detail about the cornhole games, but I'm still not ready to talk about it. Let's just say it didn't go so well for me. But the four of us had a good time hanging out and Lora said Mike passed the test.

Sunday- went to Eddie's with Lora. Ever since Mike took me there, I have shared it with everyone else. They have such a good breakfast and I'm a sucker for breakfast food.
The rest of the day I ran errands and did stuff around the house.

It was a great weekend and I'm so glad Lora got to come hang out in Charlotte! It would have been even better if Em & Greg could have hung out as well. Next time...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taking you back to the Westside

Everyone knows I love CP3. It's not just because we went to high school together...even though I love that fact. The below 6 minutes will change your perspective of him.


bye bye blue bullet...

Well I was planning to blog about my wonderful weekend or an amazing message I heard at church on Sunday. (guess those will be later)
Instead, I feel the need to share the events that took place tonight.

After work, Kelly and I decided to go on our first official bike ride. We pumped our tires, tighted our helmets and set out for some laughs. We biked until our thighs burned (only about 3.5 miles but who's counting). We got home and and started preparing for "family dinner night." Monday's have always been "family dinner nights." So Robby grilled out and we (Kel, Robby, Robby's dad, me and Mike) all had a great dinner and adult beverages.

After dinner, Mike and I went across the lawn to Fowler and Pat's house for 15 minutes. We then headed back to my house...again, across the lawn. We got to my front door and we noticed my bike was not there. I started to laugh and figured Kelly took both of our bikes in the house. I talked to Kel and Robby and they took her bike in the house about 5 minute prior. Then we see my helmet about 2 doors down, sitting on the side walk.

YES, you guessed it...the blue bullet was stolen tonight. I had my one and only great ride on it and someone decided they wanted to share that same experience. (they just forgot to ask my permission) I called the police and reported the incident, not that anything will come of it.

I didn't have a breakdown (yet) because I knew it was mostly my fault for leaving it outside for even that amount of time. Yes I am pissed that i spent that money and now I have nothing to show for it...but what can you do?!?!

So I guess the blue bullet and I were not meant to be. The only thing the little punk(s) left me was the amazing youth helmet I bought for my pea head. How thoughtful of them to leave it behind for me...

That was my night...
RIP blue bullet...I saw a great future for us together but it just wasn't meant to be.

(yes, please notice it is almost 1am and I'm blogging about my stolen bike...sad)

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

I was flipping through the channels and came across the Sound of Music the other day. They were in the middle of the song "My Favorite Things." I started thinking about my favorite things and of course a top 20 list was born! These things make me happy/excited/ them all!!!
1. The Lord
2. Family & Friends & O'Malley
3. coffee
4. Blankies (yes I am admitting this one)
5. coupons
6. sunsets
7. peanut butter m&m's
8. Reality TV
9. snuggling
10. taking pictures
11. magazines
12. the beach
13. cornhole
14. laughing
15. cooking
16. traveling
17. chap stick
18. pedicures
19. the lake
20. P. Allen

There are a million more things I could write down, but I thought I would limit myself. What are your favorite things? What are you grateful for? Take time to relish the positive things in your life instead of being consumed by all the negatives. Life is good!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend of Firsts

This has been a very eventful weekend and full of many firsts!

Let me recap the WHOLE weekend...

Friday- I was excited to leave work a little early until I saw all the brake lights on the way home. Apparently I didn't get the memo that Obama was having a rally at the arena next to my house. I'm not a fan of traffic or Obama so it wasn't a good situation (political side note- I don't like talking or hearing about politics. I don't really like any of the candidates and its not only Obama i dislike)
I got home and planted myself on the couch with my camera in hand! I needed to be ready to capture the first pictures of the engaged couple. After waiting patiently, Kelly came through the door with a BLING BLING ring and I started snapping away. Here are a few shots...

I went to a cook out at Mike's friends house later that evening. I got to experience 215 POUNDS of boston butts (i think that's right) being cooked on the grill. I have NEVER seen that much meat in my life. They were cooking this bbq for our church to serve at the Men's Rescue Mission on Saturday. They cooked this bbq for 18 hours and only slept about 3 hours! I ate the final product and actually enjoyed it :) Please see the gross picture below...
Saturday I had my first lake day of the season with Whitney Lynn! After I broke her mom's vase (yes, i'm the worst) while moving some rugs, we layed out! We had a good time catching up and getting burnt. No tubing this time...we will save our singing tubing adventures for later in the summer.

Sunday- Mike was a trooper and put my bike together. I was so excited when it was done and couldn't wait to ride it! Kel and I took our bikes for a spin around the parking lot and I was very impressed I remembered how to ride. My bike didn't fall apart so Mike passed the "handy" test! I bought a helmet the other day and after spending forever trying them on, I bought a kids helmet. I have a pea head, as Kel calls it, and the adult ones were too big. oh well!
Mike and I took Zoe and O'Malley to Freedom Park on Sunday afternoon. We put both dogs in the back of his wrangler. Even though we had to lift him into the jeep, he sat and enjoy the breeze and smells throughout the ride. There's hope for O'Malley after all.

Here is a picture of the blue bullet!

All in was a great weekend but very busy! Let the wedding planning and triathlon training begin.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Geraldine "Deedee" Gibbs

This is going to be a post of pictures for all the Deedee fans out there. No one believes me when I say I have a crazy grandma named Deedee. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly! She just likes to give us different types of gifts.

Every Christmas, we look forward to opening our presents from Deedee and seeing what we recieved. (I was the winner this year with the best presents from Deedee)
I am happy to report that we have captured these memories and I would like to share them with everyone.
Please note- these are SERIOUS gifts from Deedee over the past 3 years. Sit back and enjoy!