Sunday, September 7, 2008


Everyone needs a swift kick in the butt for the Lord every once in a while and mine came today.

I was on point this morning to be the greeter at the theatre entrance for the 10am service. My sole responsibility was to hand out pens, the bulletin and make everyone feel welcome. This is my favorite spot b/c I get to hear the music and say hello to everyone that walks in.

This is where "Henry" comes in. Henry came last week (as Mindy later told me) but didn't make it in the church. He lives on the streets and doesn't know Jesus. He walked up to me and didn't really know what to do. I gave him a big smile and welcomed him to Elevation. I got out a pen and bulletin to hand to him. I reached out to hand it to him, but he wouldn't take it. I said, "this is for you to write anything you want down and then you can keep the pen." Henry smiled so big, tucked the pen in his pocket and went to sit down.
After the service, I went and got Henry a "first time guest shirt." All guests get a free elevation tshirt as a token of appreciation for coming. I found Henry, touched his shoulder and gave him the shirt. I was not prepared for his reaction. His eyes filled with tears, he hugged me and said thank you so much.
Powerful moment much?!?!?!
Henry was given a pen, paper and a tshirt and you would have thought he won the lottery. Well, to him, maybe he did win the lottery this morning. This is what grateful and genuine should look like.
The Lord has blessed me with so many "things" and NONE of them are mine. I seem to forget that a lot. Henry better come back next week b/c I'll be waiting to greet him again.

It's not about me..that's for sure!

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