Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I had a great time being back in Boone this weekend...there were only a few speed bumps along the way!
There's something about being in Boone that makes me feel like I'm back home. I think most people feel that same way when they go back to the school they spent 4 (or more) years of their lives. That was me on Saturday- just happy to be in Boone.

So back to the first game of the season...
We left bright and early (with coffee in hand) and headed to Boone. Speed bump 1- Kelly decides to show the car behind us her Bailey's and coffee by rolling down her window. She forgot about the ASU flag that was attached to the window. I decided to deal and kept driving. Well the Bruce's and Flemings decided to be my hero and rescue the poor flag. Matt ran in the middle of traffic on 321, almost got hit and retrieved the flag. I got the flag back and decided to put the child locks on the windows.

We got to "our" lot and it was perfect! It was right by the stream that runs through campus. So there was plenty of grass for the tent, play corn hole, throw the Frisbee and grill out.
We set up the tent, walked around King St, and started the pre game activities. I drank, ate, WON corn hole, and laughed a ton! My long lost twin soul even stopped by to hang out for a little my Karami!!!
It felt good to sit outside and just "be" in Boone.
Speed bump 2- Kelly made one last FULL drink of rum and diet. She set it on my car as I was trying to clean things up before we walked to the stadium. I put some stuff in my backseat and slammed the door. As I slammed the door, the 20+ ounce drink went flying all over half of Kelly and the ground. Good thing Kel was intoxicated b/c she didn't get mad at me :)

We got to the game, had great seats in the new section, and enjoyed watching the team stomp Jacksonville. Speed bump 3- I had taken about 150 pictures to this point and all of a sudden, my camera stopped working. Everyone knows my obsession with my camera and I didn't know what to do at that point. It's looking like a new camera is in my future.

We left the game early to head back to Charlotte for the bachelorette night downtown. Kelly wasn't feeling well so we pulled over and that's where speed bump 4 comes in. I won't explain the details but don't worry...Robby got a picture of it. GROSS!!!!

It was a very long day but well worth it. I had a great time and I can't wait for more memories throughout the season.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment...


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Lora said...

I love how all of the speed bumps had to do with Kelly! She cracks me up :) Thank goodness you won corn-hole that would have been a speed mtn!