Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No words

Today began the fall recruiting season for work. This week I'm at Penn State recruiting for our Supply Chain summer intern program and our 2 year rotational program.
Last night was like any other night before a trip. I lay out all my clothes and match up all the different outfits/options before I put in my suitcase. I tried to minimize the items I usually bring with me this time, but that didn't work out.
Here a few "comforts" I like to bring on trips with me...
slippers-hate touching hotel floors
Bathrobe- use everyday at home while I get ready
coffee mug/cup- won't use the ones in hotel rooms after I saw a special on dateline
hairdryer- don't like to use the ones in the room b/c I know how mine makes my hair look

Anyways- I woke up early so I could get some work done before heading to the airport. I should have known from the minute I woke up that it wasn't going to be a normal day.
1) Made my coffee and realized my milk was spoiled
2) Ran to Nova's real quick to get coffee. Walked out and spilled it on myself. Went back inside and bought a second cup
3) Was getting ready and some how dropped my CHI (straightener) in the toilet! yes, I broke my straightener and I'm pissed I have to drop over $100 for a new one. Dang it for having trash wave hair.
I should have known this day was heading south fast!

I got to the airport and the only floor open was the roof. I know I'm weird but I ALWAYS park on the 4th floor, row G. yes, I'm OCD but it works for me. So I had to suck it up and park on the roof. I got to the airport in plenty of time to get through security, buy an intelligent magazine (People Magazine), and head to the gate. They decided to delay my flight for an hour, then we sat on the runway for another hour before taking off. When we got to Philly, we practically ran to catch the shuttle to other terminal. An old man on the shuttle saw my app state shirt. He said his son went there and hated it. Awesome, thanks for letting me know.
Got to the terminal, and caught our next flight with plenty of time.
Our plane arrived in State College and my luggage decided it wasn't going to make it!!! WHAT?!?!
There was nothing I could do about it, so I put on my big girl pants and dealt with it.
Went to get my rental car and the only one left was a dookie brown mini van. Pimpin the mini van on a college campus...love it!
We went to the hotel and got ready for dinner. We were taking our interns out to a "nice" dinner. When I walked in the restaurant, I saw everyone stared at me. Probably b/c I was in jeans, rainbows, and an app t-shirt. Embarrassing much?!?!
Dinner was good so I got over the whole dress thing. I just got a call from USAir baggage claim dept. My suitcase will not be arriving until TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!
I'm okay I don't have my slippers, toothbrush, face wash or pajamas. But my blankies are in that suitcase. I know, I know. I'm 26 years old and still sleep with blankies! I have slept with those blankies for about 24 years and I can't stop now.

So all that to say...its been one long day! Yes, I admit that I'm dramatic and need to learn to be more flexible (okay, I need to be flexible period!). I would take a picture of my sad self and post it, but my camera broke on Saturday. So add that to the list too!!!
Lord, what am I being taught now?!?!?!

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Sara Jane said...

I hate hate hate US Air!