Friday, March 30, 2012

One more

Today we signed our life away in honor of another mortgage!
After almost a year of prayer, we decided the Lord was opening doors for us to stay in TN for awhile. We found a cute little house in our desired neighborhood and couldn't be more excited about this new adventure. We just found out that our friends bought the house directly across the street- how fun is that!?!

We can't wait to unpack all the boxes, meet all our neighbors and begin to make it OUR home. Yippee!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Jam PACKED weekend

Our weekend was filled with basketball, friends, baby stuff and packing...mostly packing though. Needless to say, I am tired and sore today.

Friday, "we" watched the Carolina basketball game and packed. You can imagine who did more of the packing that afternoon and evening! When the husband could focus for a minute, we had many conversations that started out like this..."why are you keeping that", "do you really need that" or "it's time to say goodbye". We both parted ways with a lot of stuff and it felt good to take so much to goodwill.

Saturday was breakfast with friends and then nursery shopping! We finally found and purchased Anderson's bedroom set, chair and picked out the chair fabric. The first thing I did when we got home was check those items off my very long t0-do list. It felt soooo good! There's still lots to do with the nursery but the large items are complete.
The rest of Saturday was spent knee deep in boxes and tape.

After church and a baby shower, guess what we did for the rest of our Sunday...PACKED! We did manage to meet Alan and Erica at a local sports bar to watch the Tar Heels. (fun side note- the owner of this restaurant used to be Mike's boss when he was a waiter in Charlotte during high school. small world!)
After drowning his sorrows in beer, Mike and I headed back home to pack more stuff.

Needless to say, I'm over packing. All our boxes are labeled, numbered and correspond with my master list. I'm ready for these movers and will not let them pid
dle on move day. I'm on a mission people!

About a quarter of our boxes. It's a good thing my husband was really good at Tetris growing up
Our very sad closet
Is it Friday yet?!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Today we had a great excuse to meet some friends for was Erica's birthday!
Erica's sweet husband planned a birthday breakfast and 17 of us celebrated over pancakes, biscuits and lots of great conversation. Mike was finally able to talk to a bunch of men about basketball. He tries to talk to me about it, but it doesn't really work out for him.
We had such a good time catching up with everyone and meeting some new faces. I was too busy eating and talking that I didn't get any pictures of the men.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


There is no point to this post...just random thoughts (usually irrational) and things as of late.

-I bought tickets to see the Hunger Games over 2.5 weeks ago..and I’m not going until next week but I CANNOT wait!!

-I have gained 12 pounds and have a BAD attitude about it. Mike tries to say encouraging things but it doesn't really work out. poor guy

-We are moving in ONE WEEK and I haven’t packed ANYTHING! I have a list and game plan but that's only going to get me so far. Panic is starting to set in.

-I saw a story on the Today Show about a women having a 14 pound baby recently. Ever since then, I have an irrational fear that I will have a 15 pound baby.

-I tried yoga for the first time this week and it was weird. Yes, I was judging. I am going to give it one more chance and see if a new instructor helps.

-My husband calls me Rick Jr. at least once a week…I’m turning into my father and like it.

-Anderson kicks all the time and it makes me laugh each time.

-I signed Mike and I up to take 5 different child birthing, breastfeeding, CPR, etc classes...basically anything they offered I thought we should take. He has no idea these classes are in his future.

-I can’t stop buying monogrammed clothes for Anderson. I have a problem.

-If one more person says its going to be a summer filled with record temperatures, I will lose it. I will probably spend my days plopped in a kiddie pool with my laptop in hand before Anderson arrives.

There you have it, nothing important but my head does feels a little lighter now.
Enjoy your weekends!

Monday, March 12, 2012

So Creative

I had to share this post by one of my friends and teammates, Kara. She is due about 3 weeks after me and it's been fun to go through the same thing together.
Kara's pregnancy story has been several years in the making with many highs and lows. After all she has been through, she deserves the perfect pregnancy and birth story!

Kara and her husband are so creative so I would expect nothing less for their gender reveal. I was patiently checking my email on Friday waiting for it to come through.
Finally, she sent us a link to the video she and her husband, Matt, made.

It is TOO good not to share with everyone. Take a moment to share in their excitement and pray for this little one's future. This is one very lucky little baby!

I'm working in Charlotte this week and I can't wait to give Kara a great big hug and see her tiny belly!

Happy Monday to all!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big City Girl

Well, I have been back in TN for a few days and I think I'm finally rested from our vacation and work.
Mike and I flew up to NYC last Friday for a little 4 day weekend. We were hungry when we landed in Charlotte and started walking to our new gate in search of food. Luck was on Mike's side because our next flight happen to be leaving right by
Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, Mike's favorite burger joint. Mike felt like he was in a dream as he sat in first class, had a few free beer and chowed down on his Bad Daddy's!
We checked into the Westin and got upgraded to a
n amazing suite. These are the perks of traveling so much! We explored the city, grabbed a bite to eat and then got some sleep.Saturday morning we enjoyed our hotel breakfast and then as we were still laying in bed, Mike got to feel Anderson kick for the first time! Such a sweet moment that I'll never forget.
After getting ready, we hit the pavement and shopped for hours. Mike was such a trooper and let me go to any store I wanted and carried my bags all around the city (Rick Jr and I love it). I finally own some maternity clothes and Anderson got a great start on his wardrobe!

After some NY pizza and Crumbs cupcakes (I know, we were fat kids), we went to see Mary Poppins. This wasn't Mike's first choice but I promised him that it would be worth it. It was so good and I enjoyed every second of it.Later that evening, we headed to a "Carolina" restaurant to eat dinner and watch the UNC vs Duke game. Since Mike saw Mary Poppins, it was the least I could do.
By the time we got back to the hotel, my legs were so tired and I was ready for sleep!

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to the TODAY SHOW!! This has been on my bucket list for probably my entire life. As luck would have it again, we stood in exactly the right spot and got on the show a few times. Jenna Wolfe and Carl stood directly in front of us and even stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes.
The rest of the day was spent doing "tourist" things...central park, ground zero, statue of liberty and battery park. We met our friends, Ben and Becca, for lunch near central park and it was great to catch up on life.

By Sunday evening, I was exhausted. We decided to walk as much as possible instead of using the subway or taxis. In the end we only used 2 taxis and walked our little hearts out. Probably a good thing since we didn't eat particularly healthy. We ended Sunday with a really nice dinner and talked about all we have going on during the next few months.
Monday morning, Mike headed to the airport and I headed to the office. I stayed in NYC until Thursday and had a great time meeting my new hires and hanging out with my teammates.
It is always nice to get away with Mike because it surely won't be as easy in the future. Here's to hoping Anderson likes to travel as much as we do because we're already planning his first trip!!

Because I am tired of everyone nagging me, here's the one and only "belly" picture that I will probably share. Here I am at 21 weeks. I do have a bump, you just can't tell as much in this picture. Not only has my pooch gotten bigger, but so have my legs, hips and butt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frequent Flyer

I flew in last night from a 3 day trip to Austin, Texas. My hotel was right on the river and the weather could not have been better. After a long day of interviews, I hit the trail along the river and enjoyed the 80 degree weather.
But after a great trip, I'm heading out again for another fun getaway. I am in the middle of unpacking, doing laundry and repacking for NYC! Mike and I are flying up there for a quick getaway. He is going to fly home on Monday but I'm going to stay in town for a few days. We have both been so busy we haven't had a lot of time to plan.
But don't worry, there is wi-fi on the plane and I will be purchasing our Broadway tickets, mapping out my shopping route (maternity clothes & a diaper bag are on the list),
planning my TODAY SHOW debut and making sure I eat my weight in not good for you food. Just so you know, I'm planning to stand right beside Lenny when I get to the Today Show! I will be the crazy pregnant lady waving my arms in the air...and could possibly be eating a cupcake.
Ready for a fabulous weekend away with the hubster!! Big Apple, the Staton's are coming for you...