Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's going on

For those of you that don't live in Charlotte, you might be out of the loop...but let me fill you in.
I was in Arizona last week and I keep receiving pictures and emails from friends about the gas situation. People began to panic and raced to the pumps. Because of this (and the already short supply of gas), there were LONG lines of cars and gas stations ran out of gas. I flew in from Arizona and started to join the crowd. I drove to and from work on Friday with my gas light on (SORRY DAD) and was a bit nervous. Kel and Robby told me I could drive forever with my gas light on, but I was just too nervous. Daddy Gibbs always told me to NEVER let the gas light come on b/c it could run out any minute.

I drove around to about 12 stations on Friday but NONE of them had gas. I hardly slept on Friday night b/c I was stressed about not having gas. (pathetic)

Saturday morning, I walked to a near by station and they still were out of gas. I met a guy on a bicycle with a gas can on each handle bar. He was on the search for gas too. He suggested I get my bike and follow him around. I told him it was a great idea, but I think I'll just walk around. random!
I walked back home and decided to venture out in my car. Another station near my house got a delivery of gas and people were lined up around the station. They had about 4 rent-a-cops directing traffic and it was a very good process. I filled up my tank and felt much better about life. Less than 2 hours later, the station was completely out again.

When is this going to stop...this is madness!!!
I found this picture on Sara's blog and thought it was a perfect image of our crisis.

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beth gibbs said...

very clever and hopefully will not get to that point. But continue to listen to your father. He sometimes knows best if not him than me. Love ya!!