Thursday, September 11, 2008

It came!

So the last time I left you, I was about to go to sleep without my suitcase. I left in my jeans and shirt I had wore that entire day. Yes, I slept (a little) without my blankies and hated every minute of me.
I woke up and my luggage still had not arrived.
I had a full day of classroom presentations, meetings with professors and club presentations.
It was 8am and where else would you go to get clothes...WALMART!
Yes, I drove the dookie brown mini van to walmart. I got all my toiletries and then headed to the clothing department. There were slim pickings but at a last glance, I found a cute black dress. It wasn't a suit, but it would work for the day. I grabbed some underwear and bra and then picked out a pair of shoes to go with the dress.
$12.00 dress and $7.00 shoes- I thought it was a steal and I will wear that dress again!!

I was trying to be flexible,adaptable and have a good attitude which I AM NOT good at! I was blessed with a team that helped me laugh it off and think positive.
Around 4pm I decided enough is enough and I was heading to the airport. It was only 10 minutes from campus and was about the size of the Traverse City Airport. I got there and talked to the gate agent about my frustrations. She said there was nothing she could do. I thought I might have a melt down and cry the river Jordan at the USAir ticket counter. Then a man came up with my baggage and said it had just come off another flight!
24 hours later, I got my luggage back.
I changed into my suit and was ready to rock and roll.

I slept like a baby last night and didn't wake up a single time.
Heading off to campus now to interview all the little college students. Man, I miss being in college.
Let's say a quick prayers that USAIr doesn't lose my luggage when I fly home tonight.
Happy Thursday

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