Friday, October 24, 2008

Turkey STRUT

Thanksgiving at our house is usually really laid back. We wake up, watch the parades, eat breakfast, decide where we are shopping at 4am, go for a family walk, help/watch mom cook and then eat some yummy food.

Dad has decided we need a new family tradition...its called the TURKEY STRUT 5k.
Yes, the Gibbs clan will be strutin' our stuff Thanksgiving morning.
Please note, I have NEVER run a 5k. Can you believe that?!?! I have run almost ever other distance race possible, but never an official 5k race.

Reasons for agreeing to do the race:
1. I have never run a 5k
2. I want a shirt with a running turkey
3. It will make me feel less guilty eating mom's pound cake later in the day
4. I haven't run a race with Dad and Em since the Wilmington half marathon
5. Dad is really excited
6. because I need something to motivate me to get back to the gym

Wish us should be pretty entertaining!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Product

During our "Real World Boone" adventure a few weeks ago (stuff 21 friends into a house for the weekend), I was introduced to a new product. Lauren Brady (BFF) knows my nasty habit of picking my nails and thumbs. Sorry...I know this is gross. She encouraged me to buy Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. I have an obsession with the Burt's lip balm, so I thought I would give this product a try. Almost 2 and a half weeks later, my nails and cuticles are doing well. They aren't perfect, but my nails are growing longer and seems to be stronger than I have seen before. This product gets my seal of approval.

Thank you BFF for having this little "intervention" with me...I needed it!!

Oh, how I love the mountains...

Saturday was a surprise trip to the mountains to visit the Biltmore House. Mike planned the whole day by himself (meaning I wasn't in control) and I was very impressed.
We drove to Asheville and toured the house which was amazing!!! I hadn't been since middle school...Mel-Mel didn't you come with me on that trip?!?! They were starting to put out the Christmas decorations so it made me get really excited about Christmas. I suggested we stop and get a tree on the way home but that idea was quickly vetoed.

After the house tour, we got lunch and sat out near the edge of the house. It was definetly breezy and I whined about being cold.
Next stop-the gardens. They were GORGEOUS...I tried to pretend I was a photographer and take pictures of all the flowers.
After we had enough of the flowers, it was time for the winery. This is the part I was so excited about. We toured a little bit of the winery and then went to the tasting room. I tried some really good red wines, and Mike even ventured out from his normal white wines and tasted 2 reds.
We headed outside to listen to these cute old men in a folk band. They were from TN and wrote some really funny songs. Please take a look at these cute men! (Kelly I can totally see your dad in a band like this)

We headed to downtown Asheville to walk around before dinner. I LOVE downtown Asheville...the shops and people are great! I got to go into Mast General Store and it made me feel like I was back in Boone. On our way to the restaurant, we heard a band practicing. We sat down to listen and it was actually 5 different praise and worship bands getting ready to perform. After listening to them and getting a bit too cold, we headed inside for dinner. We ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe...SOOOO GOOD! It is southern home cookin with an uptown twist...yummy.
After dinner we headed home b/c we were both exhausted. The day was perfect and Mike did a great job with all the planning so I expect nothing less now! :)
*I will admit it was nice not being in control for the day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ellen Bruce

I neglected to mention that Ellen Bruce is a faithful blog reader AND commenter (if that's a word). I greatly appreciate your dedication to "Living in the Moment." In honor of you today, the below picture is dedicated to you. Those beautiful wooden ducks are just for you!!! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Party

Last night, Kelly and I hosted a Fall Party at our houses. We set up tables and chairs in the front our our house and hung out for the night! We ate too much food and drank too much "spiked" apple cider but man was it a good time. O'Malley had fun running around, begging for food and eating all the pumpkin guts.The party wouldn't be complete without a little pumpkin carving. Kelly started the trend and carved a great pumpkin...I tried to get her to carve "Fats" but her pumpkin wasn't big enough.
I tried to follow with another great pumpkin but it wasn't really working out. I tried to show my Bank of America pride by drawing the flagscape. Laurel had to erased my drawing and Kelly used her artistic abilities to make it look 1oo% better.

It was fun to see everyone last night and hang out. AND I found out I have at least one faithful blog reader...Thanks Angie for quoting my blog word for word. :)

My Bible Study Girls!

Faithful Blog readers-Angie & Linds

These girls love to say things that embarrass me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dream

I have always wanted to have a family reunion but it has never worked out...and I'm not sure it ever will. Because of this, I have always wanted a family reunion shirt. Kind of random I know!
When we were in FL for Becca's wedding, there was a big family reunion and they all were wearing their tshirts and it looked like so much fun. I wanted to ask if I could have one of their shirts, but thought that might be a little forward.

My dear Ellen was so kind to remind Whitney of my tshirt dream while she was planning her family reunion. Last night at bible study, Whit gave me the shirt below! I now have a family reunion shirt and I LOVE it! I will wear this shirt and make the Smith family very proud!!!!
Thanks Whit :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

The time has come take a look at my BELIEVE photo shoot. (good gracious)
Amy is not only an amazing photographer but also a great friend. She knows the real me-my imperfections, struggles and most importantly my heart. I think I will always find things to point out that aren't perfect on the outside and inside. But I still strive for perfection when I know it cannot be accomplished. In the end, that is what makes me who I am...flawed and imperfect!
I have said it before and I will say it again...
Thank you Amy for helping me see beauty from all angles, and to BELIEVE in the beauty of who I have been created to be!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Kyle- I made a promise and I am sticking to my word!
This post is dedicated to you...I hope it makes you feel extra special.
Thank you for tending to my bee sting and not making fun of me for crying!!(and Brady & Matt)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm sitting here by the big stone fireplace and this is what is happening around me...
*everyone is drinking wine
*Ellen is curled up on the couch just being "still"
*Molly and Lynn are deep in conversations about life
*Kat is trying to get everyone to play games
*Kyle is still eating dessert
*Elizabeth is trying to wake her snoring husband up from a nap
*Brady, Sara and Chid are laughing and catching up
*Bri is cleaning the kitchen
*DR, Tester and Terry are yelling at the football game
*CT and his girlfriend Hef are just being cute
*CT is also defending not going to prom with me
*I'm blogging and taking pictures:)

This is what I love about being around my friends. We love being silly and yet love to get serious and hear about our struggles. We might not all talk every week and know everything that is going on in each others lives. But I know that everyone single person in this house really cares for one another and cherishes our friendships. I'm thankful for "The Family" and the relationships we share!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The time has come...

for another homecoming "experience". This weekend marks the 3rd annual "let's rent a big house in Boone, pack 20 of our best friends into it, watch football, be silly and make new memories" weekend. Yes, the Homecoming 2008 Extravaganza is about to begin. I'm heading to Boone in just a little bit to pick up the house keys and get the weekend started.

I just bought a new camera (AMEN) and I can't wait to be paparazzi again. Be prepared for another post with hideous pictures and ridiculous stories.

Here's to living in the moment all weekend long!!!

Thank you

I thought I would "publicly" thank all my wonderful friends for the encouraging words yesterday. I had my BELIEVE photo shoot yesterday with Amy. I will admit- I tried to get out of it and "reschedule" so I could do it with Ellen next week. Amy totally called me out and knew I should just get it over with since I had been mentally preparing for it.
I got some wonderful text messages and voicemails from my friends wishing me luck. They were so sweet and encouraging and I really felt loved!!! SO THANK YOU ALL !!!

I brought 65 different outfits when I met Amy and only wore 2. She made me feel so confident and beautiful...I loved every second of it. At this point, it doesn't matter how the pictures turn out b/c I had a great experience!

After the shoot was over, it was half price bottle wine night at Zada Janes. Amy and I met her sweet hubby, Ross, for dinner and it was SOOOO good!!

Thanks Ames for a fun night of catching up, being silly and helping me to feel amazing! I'm very blessed to have you as a friend.