Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morrow weekend

I got to hang out with my West Girls (minus Tara) on Friday night and enjoyed every second of it. We caught up on life and talked about all of our wedding details. Mel Mel even made an AMAZING carrot cake for me. It was great sitting around and laughing with them. I NEVER feel judged and no matter what they always make me feel so loved.

Sunday night, the Morrow's had me & Mike over for dinner. We really enjoyed hanging out with Mel & Matt, but I really LOVED getting to play with Oliver. He is starting to make all these funny faces and noises and it provides hours of entertainment. Mel and I got to have girl talk while Matt & Mike had male bonding time. I think Mike has a man crush on out Matt, you might get a man-date invite soon.
Because Matt loves to torture me, he decided a good parting gift would be the Dave Ramsey book. Anything dealing with budgets, finances, stocks and spreadsheets gets Mike so excited. I promise to read it soon...or maybe Mike can give me the cliff note version.
Can't wait for our next Sunday night dinner date :)

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Emily G. said...

holy cow, how old is oliver? he is super cute!

glad you have your west couldn't ask for better friends!! :)