Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is in the air

The rest of Thanksgiving vacation was so much fun!
Friday we picked out our Christmas tree, got out our decorations and started the fun. When I was pulling out each ornament, it was nice to reminisce about each one. There were ornaments from when I was born, ones from grandma, some from my sisters and all the ones that mom has given to us each year. I know it sounds silly, but I'm so thankful for each ornament and all the memories it holds!

Decorating the tree would not have been complete without some homemade buckeyes!
Saturday was a day filled with friends and football! I got to some good quality time with Kat & BFF and some of the APP Family men too. BFF and I got in some much needed wedding talk and it was SO nice to catch up with her in person instead of phone, text and email. Thankfully the Mountaineers pulled out a win and are headed to Richmond this weekend.Emerson got to meet Aunt Lauren & Uncle Kyle
Mike and I rounded out the weekend with a date night and some good quality time together on Sunday! I love that boy :)

Please note: this is what the dogs and Mike were doing while I was hard at work on the buckeyes


Emily G. said...

MMMMMM Buckeyes.............

Lora said...

pass on the buckeyes... I love looking at all my ornaments too. Especially ones my wonderful sister gave to me :) Love you!