Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chocolate Heaven

We had a BUSY weekend of celebrations!

Friday night we headed to an engagement party for "Phillary"...aka Philip Tester & Hillary Pace. They are too cute and I loved talking about wedding stuff with Hillary.
Saturday we headed up to Boone with Kelly, Robby & Lindsay. After a few "mishaps" we made it into Boone. We had a great time of shopping, eating and cheering on our app state boys!

Sunday was the big day...
After church, we headed to Winston to celebrate Gregg's 88th birthday, Dad's 60th birthday and Lora's wedding anniversary. WOW!!!
We did presents at our house before heading to the "old folks home" to see Deedee & Gregg.
Lora decided to get dad an extra present this year...I don't think anyone will ever be able to top this one. CANDY MAN WAS IN HEAVEN!!!

After a little QT with Deedee & Gregg, we headed to dinner. Thankfully we didn't have to experience K&W for dinner...we were spared :) We actually had a great dinner at VT...complete with free desserts and champagne.It was a very full weekend but I'm glad we ended it with family. Its always an adventure with my family but I love it!


Lora said...

Cole gets all the credit for the giant box of chocolate. It was his idea :) Dad will talk about it for many years to come I imagine! Dinner was good - glad I finally got to hear a little more about Italy :)

Emily G. said...

That box of chocolates is hilarious!!! You know Dad will go thru that in about a week.

Wish we could have been there for the bdays & anniversary celebration!!

Great group pic at the old folks home btw