Friday, October 30, 2009

New Woman

Today is a much better day!
I feel like things are coming together and I just need to be patient. Our wedding planners, Christina and Alisa, have been wonderful! Christina is so great about responding to my 100 emails a day, lets me whine to her and understands all my worries. Mike probably appreciates them even more b/c they are keeping me slightly sane :)

Christina and I went to look at a venue this morning. It was fantastic but it might be a bit too expensive for our britches. We are looking at our final venue on Monday afternoon then Tuesday will be DECISION DAY!
After the venue visit, we talked about colors. I told Christina my color idea and she ran with it. Right when she got home, she emailed me with ideas and an inspiration board. I was so happy with it and the colors we are going with!!!
imagine a little more Carolina blues & Appalachian yellows:)


Sara said...

I love the colors! Happy Planning!

amy free said...

Yeeeeesss! Love the planning FUN!