Monday, November 16, 2009

Will you be...

Wedding planning is coming right and I'm loving all the little details!
Apparently its the best time to be engaged in the APP Family! Not only do I get to share this time with Hef and Lauren but now we get to share it with Hillary.
Love those two love birds!!!!

We have booked all of our venues, paid our deposits and asked our wedding party to stand beside us. My friend, Lynsey, gave me the idea of asking my bridesmaids in a different way. I wanted them to know how much they have meant to me and how honored I would be if they would be in our wedding party. First, I found a woman online that designed some personalized cards for each bridesmaid. Then I talked to a few cupcake companies about making some special cupcakes for each maid. After some back and forth, we nixed the cupcake idea b/c they don't really ship well. I settled on personalized cookies for each girl. I was VERY happy with how they turned out and an add bonus was they tasted great (or so I was told by my sisters)!

Mike opted to call his groomsmen instead of me trying to make him do something "girlie"! They lost out- I was planning to get extra creative for those guys.

When Nathan and Tara were in Charlotte earlier this month, we asked Nathan to marry us. We didn't want him to feel left we made some brownies and wrote a note on them with icing.
Even though it was really lame, Nathan agreed to marry us and NOT dress in his Wake Forest attire.

In case you were wondering, everyone agreed to be in our wedding party! Glad we won't be up there alone :)
Preacher man

one of the cards...the cookies


Lynsey and Brian said...

I love them! Great job and I know your maids were thrilled! Isn't wedding planning the best?

Anonymous said...

the brownies were so NOT LAME!! what preacher has ever gotten brownies before? much less been proposed to? the preacher proposal topped the cake! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!
tara & nate