Monday, December 7, 2009

Hidden Talents

It is safe to say that I have an elf on my hands. Mike told me last year he enjoyed wrapping gifts and was pretty good.
Well last night he decided to open his gift wrapping business in the dining room/living room. He went at it for a few hours and seemed to have a great time. I sat on the couch and drank wine while he played was quite enjoyable for me.

All the gifts look great under the tree now!!
(minus the bows b/c apparently I was "supposed" to buy some)
Is it bad that I asked if he would mind wrapping the presents I got him?!?! I believe my mom and sisters did this for me growing up....some things never change.
He is for rent during the holidays if you need a good little elf :)

I know O'Malley looks depressed but I promise he is not


Lora said...

go to the dollar store and get some bows. Poor Malley - he'll be lonely at Christmas. But if Sophie is coming to TN maybe he should too! Mike and I should have a wrapping party next year :) Which of those presents under the tree is for ME???

Emily G. said...

how do you NOT love wrapping??? good thing mike's part of the family now...he'll fit right in with all the other elves!

ps malley is not invited for xmas. sorry.