Thursday, November 27, 2008


I know this is a generic post but I need to share some thankfulness! It would be nice if I remembered all the things I'm thankful for daily...but sometimes I forget. Today gives us the chance to just sit and remember all those blessings.
Here are just a few things I'm thankful for today(in no particular order):
my crazy but amazing Family
my sweet boyfriend
all my wonderful friends (the "app family" included)
my health
A job and a great boss
my cute nephew that gives open mouth kisses
That my sister ran the entire race with me today
Betsy is about to have a baby boy at any second
Cousin Jeff is home safe from Iraq and got to meet his son for the first time
Black Friday deals and all the coupons
That I drew Bone's name for Christmas
drinking wine and playing games with my family

I am thankful for so much more...but that is just a snapshot! There has been lots going on so I will have fun blogging over the next few days!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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(Emily Givens) said...

The race was fun! And don't let me fool you, I could not go any faster if I had wanted to!!! Those hills were killer!!!

PS I am still bitter I have to shop for Dad for Xmas.