Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This post is a little late but oh well...
Over Veteran's Day, I got the chance to visit my dear friend Tara and her hubby Nathan in Wilmington. Tara and Nathan's love story is like no other. Without a doubt, it was written by God and its SO encouraging to see the love they have for the Lord and each other.

Tara and Nathan moved to Wilmington in August when they BOTH got jobs as youth ministers. That's right folks, these 2 are married, live together, ride to work together, share an office and minister to the same kids together. That's a lot of together time :)

While in Wilmington, it was so fun for me to see their church, meet some of their "kids", co-workers and members of their church. Tara sang on Sunday morning and brought tears to my eyes. I was so proud of her! When Nathan spoke to the congregation, I got to see his passion, confidence and love come alive. Talk about an amen!!!

The rest of the weekend was filled with the beach, shopping, eating, and seeing MY BFF (Brady)!!! She met us after church for lunch and I got so excited to see her! We had a good time catching up and hearing about her school "lock down" experience. I am still pushing for her to move back to Charlotte.

I am so excited to share the below picture with the world. Tara and Nathan had to get a new car after someone totaled Nathan's car. Nathan decided to keep the dream alive and get a MALIBU!!!! That's right, the Malibu lives on. Though it is not green, the white will do just fine. Nathan calls it the "Sunday ride" and faithfully drove it to church on Sunday morning.

Thanks for a great weekend Tara and Nathan!

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