Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was in Nashville last week for work and got a chance to visit my sister and her family. I had so much fun seeing my little Natebug. He is 15 months, cute as a button and is just about as stubborn as I am. He knows how to walk but will only do it once in a while. On Wednesday night, he decided to become a walking machine! I called him Frankenstein b/c when he walked, he won't bend his knees and holds his arms straight out...its hilarious!

Thursday morning, I had the pleasure of joining her "strollercize" group for their weekly workout. Since it was raining, we went to the local mall. I never thought I would be a "mall walker" until I was 95 year old. But at 26 year old, I have become a mall walker and really enjoyed it. I guess I really am a grandma :) All the moms, kids and their strollers met at the mall to power walk. After the workout, the kids got to play in the indoor play area. It was fun watching Nate and Will walk, climb and slide around the area.

Thursday afternoon, I had to check into my hotel and get ready to actually work. Nate gave me a big open mouthed kiss, hug and waved bye-bye before I left!

I had a great visit with Em and enjoyed catching up on life! I get to see them over Thanksgiving and hopefully Nate will be running around the house with the dogs!

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The Overstreets said...

I'm so glad you joined us "mall-walkers"! Hopefully you will be able to stay longer on your next visit!