Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag I'm it now...

For the love of all that's holy...
So I was tagged by my sis, Emily. It's my first tagging experience...thanks!
Here are the rules: Go to your fourth picture folder and then go to the fourth picture in the folder. Write four things about the picture and then tag four other people. You never know what fun will follow...

Tag, you're it now... (you have to do it!)
1) Kel Kel
2) Ellen
3) Kat
4) Angie1. This picture was taken of Em and I on Christmas morning of 2005
2. Crazy Grandma, Deedee, gives us "interesting" gifts every year. This was the "coat" year.
3. Em and I got these 1960's down coats that went all the way down to our ankles
4. This was during Deedee fashion show time- other items received that you: Ohio State "condom" coat, dead animal scarf, kimono, children's size denim vest.

We know everyone is jealous they are not part of our family. Getting these gifts adds so much more entertainment to Christmas morning! Thank you Em for letting this picture resurface :)


(Emily Givens) said...

Oh WOW - I should not have tagged you! I was hoping that picture had been deleted!!!!!

Can't wait to see what treasures we get from Deedee this year....I have my fingers crossed for another rusted pasta spoon. Yippee!

Lora said...

I am glad it wasn't the group picture from that year :)

Glamour Puss said...

I love it!!!!! Can I borrow that coat when I go to Michigan next week?

beth gibbs said...

She means well! She is thinking of your comfort not your fashion sense or HERS! She wants to shop at the mall. You girls MIGHT get something useable this year since I am supposed to take her shopping. Maybe on of you would like to do that?