Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pizza Party

The Flemings decided to have people over this weekend for a Pizza Party. All we needed to bring was a "creative topping". Now you must know Kat... is an amazing cook and very creative, so I knew this would be the best pizza party I would ever attend. Each person has to start at the "rolling" station. Tester and Kess decided that it would be more fun to toss the dough in the air. Lord help us all! It was actually really fun even though I only threw mine a few times. Mike got so excited while throwing his dough, he threw it on the floor (it was clean) and then in the pizza sauce. He was a trooper and let us all laugh at him though.

It was honestly so much fun to build our own pizza, drink and hang out! Thanks Flemings for a great night :)
Kat and Tester busted out the aprons!

Kessler was a great "tosser"Mike looks like he is going to karate chop his!
This is typical...I am probably giving instructions to Mike on how it "should" be done. He is laughing and just ignoring me
The pure happiness on Kat's face is the best!

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Kat Attack said...

Caroline looks disgusted with my pizza. awesome. What a fun night and a great post, Gibbs. thank you.