Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family, Friends & Food!

I had a great time off for Thanksgiving...I'm sad the break is over.

I headed (or sped) home to Clemmons Tuesday evening. It was Em's birthday and we were going to the Pueb to celebrate. After being in the car for 8 hours with a 15 month old, she was in desperate need of a JUMBO margarita :)

We had a great dinner and then headed home for presents and cake. Mom made a really good cake and we all enjoyed a piece while Em opened presents!

Wednesday I hung out with Em, mom and Nate for the day. We took O'Malley and Nate for a walk, played with Nate, read and just hung out!

Wednesday afternoon/evening, I headed to the infamous "Russo Thanksgiving" at the lake house. I have heard Mike talk about this event for many months now and I wasn't sure what to expect. When I arrived, the house was packed and the food smelled delicious! I have never seen so much food in my life. After some wine and mingling, it was time to enjoy all the food. Dinner was no disappointment...amazing! Mike even let all of his food touch on his plate :)

I drove home late on Wednesday night because my family was running the Turkey Strut on Thursday morning. The race deserves its own post b/c it was so funny.

After the race, we hung out before Thanksgiving dinner. Mom made so much great food as always! We all crammed into the dining room...I drew the short straw and almost had my plate resting on my chest :) We all went to bed early on Thursday b/c its tradition to wake up early and go shopping as a family!

Friday, we woke up before the sun and made it to all our favorite stores. We got some great deals and finished most of our Christmas shopping. When we got home, I had to pack and head back to Charlotte.

I had a great time with my family and it was fun to see my little Nate! This just makes me even more excited for Christmas break when we are all home for longer!!!!!!
Greg was teaching Nate how to play the piano

Nate wanted to try his first Krispy Kreme!!

Greg taught Nate how to pick his nose on command...awesome!

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(Emily Givens) said...

Thank you for posting such flattering pics of me and my cheesin' over my bday cake and Nate picking his nose. Awesome.