Saturday, November 15, 2008


This Thursday is a big day for me and many of my friends. At midnight, the TWILIGHT movie will be released! Alli has bought us all tickets and we are going to the midnight showing of this long anticipated movie.
I began reading the Twilight series after my neighbor Sara talked me into it. I wasn't sure if I would liked the books, but after a few pages I was addicted. I spent an entire weekend reading the first 2 books. Finally some of my other friends have jumped on the Twilight bandwagon too!

We are all have very strong opinions about these books and are VERY excited to see the movie.
So the countdown begins for Thursday at midnight...
Check out the Twilight Series here


Lora said...

I am worried it will be A LOT different than th book. Let me know if you like the movie :)

Kat Attack said...

You guys are all DORKS! DORKS DORKS DORKS!

Life and Times of a Newlywed Military Wife said...
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