Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hawaiian Lessons

Since I learned a lot of new things in Kauai, I thought it would be nice to give each of you some Hawaiian education...

1) Everyone drives REALLY slow (like 30 miles per hr) on the island. It was hard to slow down at first, but we picked up on the slow pace of life quickly.
2) Friendly- everyone on the island is so nice and open. If your lunch/dinner table has extra seats, you might just find some random people seated at your table. More friends!!
3) Roosters are all over the island! You hear them before you seem then and they are in the most random locations. BUT, they are not the state bird :)
4) Most locals choose to ride bikes instead of use their car. They tend to put as much as they can (including their furry friends) on their bikes. Dogs like bike rides too!5) Portion control- their idea is a little different than mine. Maybe because everyone there has a rockin' tan body and they don't care about portions. this was my small burrito...
6) Shaved ice is the dessert of choice and very good. They make EVERY flavor known to man, so don't be grossed out. I only took a picture of 1/6 of the flavors.7) Potato chip &chocolate candy bar is a favorite treat...and actually pretty good.The biggest lesson we learned from Hawaii...we need to slow down and just relax! We are always on the go and don't spend enough time together. Obviously, that made our "2nd year of marriage" goal list!

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Hallie Madewell said...

I'm a huge fan of their portion control! Now thats what Im talkin' about! :)