Monday, September 12, 2011

Friend filled weekend

We had a great weekend in Knoxille hanging out with some sweet friends!

Friday night, we had a "date night" with 2 of my favorite couples. We went to a Mexican restaurant, ate on the patio, enjoyed live music and had such a good nig
ht getting to know these couples even deeper.
Saturday Mike woke up early to golf while I hit the gym and did a little shopping. I was out shopping when Mike called and said Erica & Alan had 2 extra tickets if we wanted to come to the UT game. We jumped at the chance, got ready and headed downtown to meet at their tailgate.

An SEC tailgate was new to me so I wasn't sure what to expect....but boy was I blown away. These people know how to tailgate!!! Erica & Alan had the best tailgate spot right next to the stadium, TV's and satellites in the back of cars, gourmet food, millions of fans and everyone looked amazing in their orange outfits.
It was great hanging out with this sweet couple before heading in to experience our first UT game! 107,000 fans was new to me, but quite an adrenaline rush! We're looking forward to our next UT game when they play Georgia! Thanks Alan & Erica for the tickets and a great weekend getting to hang out!

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Erica Moore said...

We LOVED hanging out with y'all! Can't wait to do it again! :)