Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Russian Mob

The Russian Mob decided to come visit me in Charlotte last week...through the internet that is!
That's right, I got an internet virus and it was not fun.
The good news is: The virus is gone thanks to Robby & Mike and my computer is basically brand spankin new. The bad news is: I lost ALL my favorites I had saved.
Mike transferred all my documents, pictures and music to his external hard drive. But I forgot to try and save "my favorites/bookmarked websites". I have lost all the blogs I love to read (or maybe I should say STALK).
Not to worry, I will hunt you down and bookmark each of you again!
In the mean time, watch out for those mean Russian Mob viruses...they will get you.

Oh Happy day...I'm back online :)

1 comment:

Blake and Ashley said...

I recommend Delicious.com for your bookmarks and Google Reader is a must for following blogs or news feeds.