Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lots of exciting things to report...

*I got to see Nate & Em on Sunday and Monday. I had so much fun with Nate . I loved hearing him say Aunt Bebe, Play peekaboo, giggle and taught him lots of new words (ones I probably shouldn't have)!!! We celebrated his 2nd birthday about a month and a half early because I can't make it to his real birthday party. (I will be bach partying it up at Tybee Island with Kel Kel and all the girls). We did presents, dinner and cake. I think Nate liked what Mike and I bought him...but I think he loved the trash more than the presents. He LOVES throwing away trash and cleaning up. He really is his mother's son.

*BethAnn has joined Facebook. That's right folks, Mamma Gibbs is entering the world of facebook. You might get a friend request soon, so get ready :)

*The Chid's wedding shower is this weekend!!!!!! Who in their right mind wouldn't be excited about this?!?!?! We get to celebrate Chid & Sarah, have a fabulous party at the Fleming's House, see ALL my favorite App Staters, take LOTS of pictures, laugh about funny memories AND stay up late :) Man, I can't wait to hug the App family this weekend!

*We just book our last hotel in Italy and I'm so glad that is all set! We only have 2 train tickets and the Tuscany wine tour left to research/buy and we will be 100% set. I plan on staying the entire time in Europe...there will be no backpacking or hostels involved :)

Okay- those are all my updates.
Is it Friday yet?!?!


Lora said...

I should prepare a kit for Mike - he might need help dealing with and keeping you in Europe :) Love you country club!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited for this weekend! AND your trip to Italy... but with that I'm more jealous :)