Monday, July 6, 2009


I had a great long weekend over the 4th. We packed a ton into a few days and boy were there lots of stories at the end. Thursday I got Kelly & Robby's wedding invitation in the mail and I was sooo excited!! I filled out the RSVP card and dropped it in her mailbox so I could be the 1st to respond. :) Thursday night we headed to the Whitewater Center for some friends, food and live music. It was so fun to just chill, listen to music and watch people go down the rapids. Next time we go, there will definitely be some zipline action!

Friday we packed up the jeep and headed to the lake. Mike has been wanting to take the doors off the jeep for so long and I finally "sacrificed" my life and let the doors come off. All my limbs survived so I guess that's a plus. We had so much stuff loaded into the jeep, I was more afraid of that stuff falling out.
As you can see, Zoe & O'Malley loved riding in the jeep and playing in the lake. We could NOT get them out of the water. They even jumped off the dock and went swimming. I never thought O'Malley would be so brave...but I guess he is officially a water dog.

Friday afternoon we took a boat ride and I will never forget it. (Whitney you will be the only one that really appreciates this story). I have not been on a pontoon boat since Whitney & I had a near death experience. We were riding in the front of a pontoon when it started to sink, we rolled off and thought we were about to die.
So Friday we had about 10 on the boat (which isn't too many) and we went over a big wake and the front of the boat went under water. The water was up to people's knees who were sitting in the front and I could no longer see the front of the boat. The water rushed in the boat, the back end was up in the air and I jumped to the back of the boat and was ready to jump over. Phil cut the engine, everyone ran to the back of the boat and by the grace of God stopped it from going under.
I think my pontoon days are over.
We hung out at the lake for the rest of the weekend and enjoyed hanging out and relaxing with friends...and no more near death experiences. Saturday night we got a special treat of homemade ice cream...YUMMY!!! I haven't had homemade ice cream since we were kids and our dad's used to make peach ice cream and cheerwine ice cream :)
Sunday we had a great day at church (they released our new worship CD which is rockin) and then met mom and dad for lunch. It was a hoot as wouldn't stop talking about the cookie he wanted!!! Somethings never change.
I was sad to see the weekend come to an end and head back to work. Oh well...guess I am supposed to work hard in order to play hard.
Happy 4th of July!


Lora said...

Ok drama queen! Your boat story cracked me up :) Let's not ride on one at Lake Lanier please. I still want to go to the Whitewater place and heck yeah on the zipline!

Amy said...

Love seeing the dogs... they just look like they belong together too :) Miss you pooks.