Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blueberry Delight

I have been looking for a kitchen table for a while...or maybe since I moved to Green Oaks TWO years ago. Over the past few weeks, the search has consumed most of my time.
I have looked online, every store in Charlotte (that I could afford) and craigslist. Because I'm a "Gibbs", I really wanted to find one on craigslist b/c I knew I could get a great deal.

After several failed attempts, we found and picked up the table last week. It was a killer deal- I talked her WAY down on the price. It's a great "starter" table and I'm so thankful I got it.

Sweet Mike knocked on my door Saturday morning with lots of grocery's in hand. He cooked me an awesome breakfast of blueberry pancakes, turkey sausage, fruit and coffee. It was SO FUN to actually eat a meal at the table. The couch and bar were not really working out for us.
Of course I had to document the occasion.
Here's to many more meals at the table :)


Lynn said...

too cute!

Emily G. said...

brownie points for mike!! stick with a man that can cook!!

ps table looks great!

Lora said...

great table! When can we come and visit? I'll let you or Mike cook for us :)

Amy said...

Love the table. Yay for craigslist!

beth gibbs said...

I'm glad you finally got a table. It looks good. You certainly found a man to treat you like a "princess" too. I think you should keep him!!!