Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink

We found out today that "Bug" is actually a LADYBUG!! That's right, Em & Greg have been blessed with a little girl.
I am beyond excited for a little girl and can't wait to start buying her things! Dresses with leggings or bloomer are my FAVORITE! Watch out Ladybug...Aunt Bebe is going to stock your closet :)
Em, I promise not to buy all pink.


Emily G. said...

Are those pics the two you bought??? LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Those are officially the little Ladybug's first dresses. I looked at some today and got overwhelmed, so I bought nothing. Typical!

PS I asked Greg this morning if he knew what "bloomers" were and he just gave me a blank stare and looked clueless. Watch out Ladybug!!

Lora said...

I have a feeling the child may want to dress herself. Remember the outfits Bec used to put together? WOW. If Mom and Bec are going crazy with the clothes, maybe I'll get hair bows :)

Emily G. said...

This girl is going to be the death of me.

Bones - you KNOW I'm not a "bow" person!!!

beth gibbs said...

Too cute! I've been shopping too. She is going to be another GIBBS clotheshorse. I can see it coming!