Thursday, April 30, 2009

Runner Up Award

I still don't know where we are going but Whitney Brown had the BEST guess thus far. I believe her guess deserves its own special post. Whit's guess was ....
Yes folks, the brand new GREAT WOLF LODGE in good ol' Concord, NC. I have to give it to her, it was a very good guess. The killer bunk beds (shown below), millions of kids running around, huge indoor water park filled with peeing kids, and right near my house is VERY tempting. I figured Mike might value our relationship a little more than that :)
I mean, the Great Wolf Lodge might be great one day when I have a few kids. But for now, I'm hoping for a quiet get away with a pool, ocean, glass of wine and my boo.
Thank you for the entertainment Whit! Even though I think you lost the guessing contest, you might still end up with a special prize from Wings. :)

*they even have a location in Traverse City!!!

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