Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anniversary Trip

Mike planned a great weekend away to celebrate our 1st anniversary. There were some great guesses, but unfortunately no one got it exactly right.
DESTINATION-St. Simons Island, GA...and it was PERFECT!
Lora- your guess was the closest distance to St. Simons so you get a prize. Apparently St. Simons is too good for a "Wings" so I couldn't get you the prize I wanted. You still got a good prize...well you would have probably thought it was cool when you were in 3rd grade but oh well.

We left early Friday morning and headed straight for the beach when we arrived. We laid out, got in the ocean and then headed to check into the condo. We threw our stuff into the condo, grabbed our books & beer and headed to the pool. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before heading to dinner.
Saturday morning we woke up super early to watch the sunrise. We walked to the beach at 6am, watched the gorgeous sunrise, walked around town taking pictures, drove to Jekyll Island to show Mike where Kel & Robby are getting married, played tennis and finally settled at the pool for the day. (yes, we had a very full morning)
After a great day of relaxing, we went to town to do a little shopping and walk around some more. I actually ran into a guy I work with- too crazy! After buying a few things (including Lora's prize), we headed back to the condo to get ready for dinner. We stopped at the beach to watch the sunset then headed to a GREAT place for dinner. I was pooped after dinner (yes, it was 10pm) so we headed back home, packed and went to bed.

We headed back to reality on Sunday and I was not looking forward to it.
The trip was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend our 1st anniversary together! Man, I do have one sweet boo :)
Here's just some of the proof that we had a great trip!

Before Dinner on Friday night
6am on the beach before the sunrise

Here is comes..
a little more..
Proof we saw it
On the beach Saturday night for the sunset
Excited about the necklace Mike got me!


Lora said...

YES! I love to win :) Are you mailing it to me or do I have to wait until I see you? I can hardly stand the suspense... things that were cool in 3rd grade - slap bracelets, jelly shoes and scrunchies. yeehaw! Glad you guys had a good trip - sunrise pictures are fabulous!

Emily G. said...

You DO have a sweet boo! He sure spoils you!! Glad you guys had a great trip & awesome weather. We've had rain here for a week straight, so to say I'm jealous of your trip is an understatement.

Need to see pics of the necklace please!!

Emily G. said...

Sorry, I am retarded. Last pic is one of the necklace. DUH!

amy free said...

Love the sunrise, sunset, and the necklace. Love it all.