Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's the little things

*Dad- you probably shouldn't read this post*

There are some things in my life that I give ZERO thought's rare, but it happens.
One of those things are AIR FILTERS.This is what they look like in case you have never seen them either. Well I have an air filter upstairs and downstairs in my townhouse. I just don't "think" to change them...didn't really know it was that important. (Dad, if you are still reading then I'm really sorry that I have failed you!!!) In all honesty, I forget they are there...I don't walk around looking up at my ceilings. Call me dumb or lazy, I don't care.
Well apparently Mike has heard of this "air filter" concept and the importance of it. He came over with not 2 air filters but 4 so I would have some in reserve. He proceeded to explain the importance of air filters (in a very nice way), change them and made me put a calendar reminder on my bb. I should have taken a picture of the dirty filters but I thought my dad might never speak to me again.
So now when that little reminder goes off in 60 days (I know you told me 45 days but that is too soon I decided), I will have 2 more air filters waiting.
Thanks for taking such good care of me Love :)


Lora said...

Mike better watch out, Dad will start calling him to do things around the house :)

beth gibbs said...

Mike has earned more points in the Dad category. Greg if you are reading this, you have got some catching up to do. this is not coming from Nana. you have a ton of points for my grandson.

Anonymous said...

I just changed mine this weekend too! They were so gross. I feel like I just changed know like 3 months or so ago! Yikes!