Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Parenting Class

Mike and I joined a "parenting class" through our church because let's be honest...we are clueless and will take any help we can get!  We joined the class for multiple reasons; we want to meet other new parents, seek wisdom/advice from our older leaders, learn how to establish a strong parenting foundation based on biblical principles and strengthen our marriage as we know it is about to change drastically.  Our leader was a family psychologist and  is one of the leaders of our Sunday School class, so he is full of great wisdom.
The class is also reading Shepherding a Child's Heart  and seems to be a pretty good book thus far.  We are reading it and will decide what items we want to take away and apply to our family.  We are trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible over the summer and decide what we want OUR family legacy to look like.
Our life will change dramatically in less than 5 weeks and we are trying to prepare ourselves.  I have been a bit (or maybe a lot) emotional about our "party of 2" life ending so soon.  It has been so helpful to be able to talk about it with Mike and other soon to be parents.  Knowing that these feelings aren't completely irrational certainly helps.  Change is coming whether we like it or not!  We are spending the last 5 weeks soaking up as much together time as we can, and praying for wisdom as we begin this new journey as a family of 3!