Sunday, June 24, 2012

Operation: Anderson's nursery

A few weeks ago, my sister and parents came into town to help me get Anderson's nursery ready.  I have been so slack about "decorating" his nursery and pretty much non-committal.  My creative and organized sister was having none of it and generously offered to come take charge. Mom, dad, O'Malley and Em arrived on Friday night after dinner.  It was SO GOOD to see our dog who is still living with my parents.  O'Malley was a little confused about the new house but quickly dealt with himself.  
Mom and Em both came bearing gifts for Anderson but I have to say that Em went WAY overboard.  Among many other things, she bought a diaper caddy/organizer and filled it with all her favorite items along with a bag full of other useful items.  Most of these things I need but would never know to buy.  I'm so thankful she went through all of this before me!

Saturday everyone was up bright and was already at the car place doing things to my car and Em's car. Love you Dad!!  Mom, Em and I watched the Today Show, chatted over coffee and breakfast then headed out for a long walk on the greenway (and to let O'Malley swim)!
Once we returned, we cleaned up and headed out for our 5+ hour shopping spree.  I was wiped out when we returned home, but thankful we got so much accomplished.  All the credit goes to Em and mom for making me commit to the colors and a design.  Don't get any wild ideas, the room is still pretty simple (plain) but that's what I wanted.  We're still waiting for his bookshelf and wall shelf to arrive, and then it will be complete!
Here's a sneak peak...

That evening, we all showered and got ready to head to dinner.  While I was getting ready, my sweet sister organized EVERYTHING in Anderson's room (including his closet)...amazing!  We all headed to one of my favorite restaurants on the water, Lakeside Tavern, and had a delicious dinner.

Sunday morning we all went to breakfast at the Gourmet Market before they had to head out of town.  It was definitely a productive and fun weekend with the fam but we missed having Bones with us!  Can't wait until my whole family is all together again once Anderson is born!


Emily G. said...

I had fun and can't wait to tackle his closet even more after he arrives!!

Btw, LOVE the bedding! Who knows, you may turn me into a monogrammed snob after all.....

Lora said...

I like simple too! Nursery looks great and can't wait to see tater in it (IN JULY, NOT THIS WEEK)! Em is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to organizing. I am staying out of her way and the closet :)

Hallie Madewell said...

LOVE his nursery! Very peaceful and calm!
Also love Em's mad organizing skills!!!!!