Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary

Today marks ONE YEAR of being married to the most amazing man, and I am so thankful that God chose him for me! I say my husband is "amazing" not only for putting up with me, which I know can be very trying at times, but also for being who God called him to be.

This year has definitely been a new experience for both of us. We were learning how to be married while living in a new city and never seeing each other. But through every situation (good or bad), Mike has blown me away with who he is to the core. He is so patient, thoughtful, faithful and giving in every situation.
Our minister, Nathan, challenged us to live by the 3 C's and Mike has held us to it.
1. Never stop COMMUNICATING with each other. Even after long days and when we are angry.

2. Never stop CONFIDING in each other. Remain best friends with Jesus first and then each other, keeping the freedom to confide fully & without shame.
3. Never stop COURTING each other. Your family & job are demanding but continue to date each other.

We have been so BLESSED with such a full year of memories, laughter, love and growth. I love my husband more today than I did on our wedding day. Here's to many more years and a lot more memories!


Emily G. said...

I love the 3 C's!!! And I think you guys have done especially well with the 3rd one....ya'll are so cute! :)

Loved seeing the wedding pics and reliving that day. What a great wedding!!

Love you guys! Happy 1st anniversary, with hopes of many more!!

PS Don't get used to celebrating your anniversary in Hawaii haha!

Lynsey said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the 3 C's. I have never heard of that and really love it. Must implement ASAP.

Lora said...

love how you blog from hawaii :) Happy one year sis!

Lynn said...

This is so sweet. Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!