Friday, August 19, 2011

Lodge time

We're heading to the mountains this afternoon for a quick getaway with a few friends! I am bursting at the seams because 1)this is our first "sleepover" with Knoxville friends 2) the house is AMAZING and 3) it gets me pumped up for the App Family homecoming weekend!!

One of the couples that leads our Sunday school class owns a bunch of cabin rentals all over TN. They graciously gave us one of their houses for the weekend, and are coming to cook us a big ol' country breakfast one morning. Seriously, aren't they the sweetest?! We're looking forward to lots of corn hole, hiking, building relationships and some nice cold beer on the side.

This house would be perfect for the App family (sleeps 28 people), if only it was not located in TN :(


Emily G. said...

wow, that house is amazing!!!! have fun!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness that is going to be so much fun!!!