Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Truckin along

We're still here, just traveling for work most of the time.
We did get to spend Easter weekend in Knoxville and had a grand time! The weather could not have been better so we spent a lot of time outside and I got my first burn of the season...I need to remember sunscreen from now on. My husband played 36 holes of golf and thought he had died and gone to heaven.
On Sunday, our church had a beautiful service then we were able to meet some friends for a yummy Easter brunch.

We were not ready when Monday rolled around because we both hit the road...again. I had a packed work week but was so excited about all the face time with my teammates. (side note- I have to say that I have been blessed with amazing teammates. I cannot say enough great things about each person and how much I enjoy them!)
A trip to Charlotte is not complete unless I see the Bruce Family and especially little Emerson. She did not disappoint and showed off all her new tricks!
Kelly, Robby and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo a week early at our normal spot and it made me so happy!!!
Friday afternoon, my hubs flew in from Nashville to spend the weekend in Charlotte. We took his parents to dinner Friday night for an early Mother's Day celebration. Mike got introduced to Cowfish on Saturday and he fell in love (just not with sushi).
Saturday night was the big event. We were able to get the BofA suite for the Usher & Akon concert for the program I manage. We all had a blast but I was appalled at how many kids were at the concert. Kids under the age of 15 do no need to be hearing and/or seeing what was happening on stage. (I wonder what these 6-10 year olds were thinking as they were watching it-so sad!)
Sunday we headed to my parents house to have an early Mother's Day brunch, pick up O'Malley
and head back to Knoxville.
The hubs is traveling right now so I'm holding down the fort and nursing an injured pup! Is it Friday yet?!?!

BEST turkey burger EVER...from Cowfish
love that man!

No that is not Jesus, it's Usher

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