Thursday, May 5, 2011

Always learning

I love technology...whether it's texting, emailing, facebook, skype or surfing the internet...I love it all!
Since moving to Knoxville, we have missed Elevation and hearing Pastor Furtick's messages. Elevation is a little too "rock and roll" for some people, but I think we can agree that everyone leaves hearing an amazing, truth filled message. We are thankful for a new church home in Knoxville, but we can't help but miss Elevation (I might have a slight obsession with one of the worship leaders too).
This is where technology comes in. Elevation posts their sermons online and we get to watch them from the comfort of our couch!!

Pastor Furtick has a series every year on relationships. Back in 2008, I had been dating Mike for about 5 months and decided to break up with him (crazy girl moment). Long story, but clearly we got through it. After about 3 weeks apart, Elevation started a relationship series called Visionary Love, Dream Sex. Mike and I agreed to go through the series and continue to pray about our relationship. We both grew so much from that series as individuals and as a couple. I'm not saying the series made us get back together, but it opened a lot of dialogue and helped us work through our issues. Since that series, we always get excited about books and sermons on relationships (nerd alert)!
Elevation has started a new one called, "Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf". We watched the first sermon on Monday night and really enjoyed it.
I would encourage anyone to click HERE and hear all the sermons in this relationship series. I guarantee everyone will learn something...or get a swift kick of the butt like me!

Happy Cinco de Mayo too!

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Lynsey and Brian said...

Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to check it out.