Friday, May 6, 2011

It's that time again

I have been waiting for this day to arrive since November and Saturday is the day! The FARMERS MARKET OPENS!!
On Fridays, they have a Farmer's Market at a local church that is a bit small but has a great selection. I usually come away with flowers, fruits, veggies, cheese and an occasional sweet treat.

When we are in town, Mike and I do the same thing each Saturday morning...get coffee and take O'Malley for a 3.5 mile walk along the river. I love our little family ritual and I'm a sucker for a good routine!! When it's "farmer's market time", we usually head to the Market Square Farmer's Market after our walk and see what other goodies we can purchase. Oh how I love this time of year!
The farmer's market makes dinner menu planning a little more fun.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.


Emily G. said...

you should have titled this one "nerd alert" too

or "rick gibbs jr"

beth gibbs said...

Like father, like daughter! Dad is so excited that a fruit stand opened close by. He offered to work for free produce. Now I just have to cook it and cut it up