Thursday, January 22, 2009

True Friendship=birthing class

Yes you read that correctly...BIRTHING CLASS!

I have been best friends with Melissa since elementary school and apparently that means there is nothing off limits. I get a call from Mel a few weeks ago and this is how it went:
M-are you traveling the next few weeks
B-No, why?
M-Well Matt is traveling and if I go into labor I need you be Matt in the delivery room.

We continued to talk about what hospital, epidural, packing bags, etc. I was getting pumped up and ready to be there when duty calls.
Don't let me fool you, I'm very excited to be with my best friend when she gives birth.

Then I get a call today on my cell and about flipped b/c I thought Mel was in labor
M-I'm not in Labor so don't panic. But I did want to ask you...are you free tomorrow night?
B-Are they going to make you have the baby tomorrow night?
M-No, I just need a favor
B-Sure, I'm free. What do you need?
M-I need you to go to birthing class with me. It's our last one and I really need to be there and Matt can't go.

So there you have it folks- I am officially going to birthing class before I'm even pregnant. The only things I'm expecting tomorrow night are a bunch of hormones, lots of preggers, lots of breathing and many whispers and stares at me and Mel. Hopefully no one asks me if I'm pregnant or that will be one mean fat joke! Don't worry- I'm bringing my camera to document this little adventure.

The things you do for the people you love! :)


Emily G. said...

WOW you are a good friend! Just know that most of the people in there are probably going to think you guys are "partners" :) Have fun with that one!!!

Lora said...

Do we really need to see the pictures? I am not so sure...

Megan said...

ahahahahahahahahahahah....i can't stop laughing!!!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Oh we definitely need pictures; I'm actually kind of bummed that they aren't already posted (what kind of excuse is going out of town??) Can't wait!