Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and my Bday

So I'm a little behind on blogs...
Being off work for over 2 weeks has made me a very lazy person. Christmas and my birthday were fantastic! Mom and dad came to Charlotte for Christmas Eve service. The service was awesome and I caught mom dancing a little during the service. We headed back to Winston and had a quiet Christmas morning with just me, mom and dad. I opened my AWESOME stocking (along with Malley and Sophie) and then we saw Marley and Me, and I sobed so hard and wanted to slit my wrist when it was over.
I woke up on the 26th and realized I was now 27 years old and wanted to go back to sleep. Em, Greg and Nate got into town along with brave Mike. We all went out to Arigato for my birthday dinner then headed to Foothills for a few beers with friends.
Mike said through dinner on the 27th so he could meet Deedee and Gregg. He survived that and they were actually pretty easy on him.
The 28th was Christmas morning at the Gibbs house. We watched Nate open his stocking, made a big breakfast, then opened presents.
I am sad to report that there was only ONE crazy Deedee gift this year. The lucky recipent was Bones. Please notice the Christmas sweater vest she recieved that Greg proudly wore all day on the 28th.
I had a great time with the crazy family and Mike even survived!

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Lora said...

thanks for noting our arrival on the 27th. we are done.